Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gain Mass - Don't Overtrain your Muscles!

This is somewhat of an elementary concept to bodybuilding and/or building muscle mass, albeit a lot of inexperienced and experienced weight lifters still commonly make this simple mistake. One must remember the basic science behind gaining muscle mass, and that is: Your muscles grow while you're resting, not when you're constantly working them to death. True, they often swell while working out and many gym folks call it "getting pumped," but that is just from the temporary surge of excess blood that pumps into your muscles from the current exertion that is taking place.

Anyway, it is often hard for the eager ones and bodybuilding beginners, along with the muscle-bound fanatics, to not overtrain, at times. I refer to it as "overtraining" when you work your body so hard, that it barely has time to recover in between workouts. When this happens, it is usually all your body can do, in its limited amount of rest time, to repair enough muscle tissue/fibers in between workout sessions - just to get back to its prior state without any gains whatsoever. Now, doesn't that sound counter-productive and like a big waste of time and effort or what???

Take some breaks, don't overtrain your muscles and create some damn time gaps, it is simple as that, when it comes to gaining that muscular mass! In fact, after going through a regular routine of physical fitness training for a couple months or three, it is also good to take an entire week or two off. Remember what I said in my "muscle memory" post? If you've read that particular blog entry, you'll not be alarmed or fear the possibility of muscle loss during your down times, layoffs, off weeks, etc. Once again, your muscles grow during the recovery process, provided that you ingest an ample supply of nutrients, protein, and so on.

Another thing that semi-relates to this "muscle growth" stuff, is to shock your system from time to time. It is a training method that involves an ever-changing routine. If you apply this method, you would completely alter your workouts from month to month with a completely different set of exercises and/or angles of motion. Although, you don't necessarily have to entirely omit certain exercises that focus on the target areas within your desired goals of gain, but I'm just saying: when you shock your body with variety and unpredictable motions, you are apt for a full spectrum of muscle gains along with versatility and flexibility.

I know that there are many professional bodybuilders who eliminate the possibility of this "don't overtrain the muscles" dilemma - so they can gain more mass, by simply working one or two muscle groups once a week. Their routine usually consists of a 6-day-a-week program, with one day of rest, but during those 6 days, they never work or focus on the same group of muscles more than once a week. However, for most people who are not "professional bodybuilders," you will not need to resort to such things. For example, you may be a guy who just wants muscular arms and a toned chest. If that's the case, you could easily have great gains by working those areas hard, about once every 5 to 7 days and ever so often, take a couple weeks off.

Look at it this way: You're just not designed to be a workhorse, and to naturally gain muscle mass without drugs or growth hormones, it will take a lot of time and effort.....

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Easy ways to add Omega-3 to your Diet

First, before I even mention some easy diet changes to get this particular fatty acid into your system, I must comment about the pill form of this substance that is normally very easy to find at your local health stores, supermarkets, or pharmacy.

Omega-3 capsules is one of the few supplements that come with marketing hype, during the last several years, that is actually worth the money. Pills that are overly advertised usually end up being worthless, but this stuff is actually very beneficial to your body (improves mental health, joint health, has anti-inflammatory properties, promotes heart & circulatory health, and so on), in many ways. You can get Omega-3 capsules in the form of Salmon Oil, Krill Oil or basic Fish Oil, along with other sources such as Flaxseed oil, etc. Personally, I just go with the typical Fish Oil capsules that are purified to eliminate Mercury and are commonly derived from anchovy, mackerel, and sardines. Hey, it is Omega-3 that I'm wanting, so why spend all the extra money on a product that claims that it has a "better source" of Omega-3 from krill as opposed to fish or whatever, when it is basically the same thing...ya know? ...Yeah, that Omega-3 stuff. Below, I'm going to type about a few easy ways to add Omega-3 to your diet without supplementation.

---Here's a quick, easy way to add Omega-3 to your diet if you do very much pan frying: change your oil, if you've been using regular vegetable oil. Switch over to Canola oil (but even that oil is debatable due to the way it's made), which contains these beneficial fatty acids as opposed to the common vegetable oil, corn oil, etc. However, I wouldn't recommend Canola oil for deep frying or high temperature situations, since this oil will break down quicker and actually do more harm than good if subjected to high-temp conditions albeit some people strongly recommend it for deep-frying (dang, can the health-conscious community agree on anything?). Even though it doesn't contain Omega-3, I use Peanut oil for deep frying because it can withstand a lot more heat than most oils, and this means it will take longer to break down and create toxic substances and/or undergo unhealthy molecular changes.

---If you eat eggs, buy the ones that contain Omega-3. Don't worry, you'll know which ones do because it will be advertised and printed all over the container for obvious reasons.
Eggs produced by chicken that are fed a diet of greens and insects produce higher levels of these beneficial fatty acids as opposed to the chickens that are fed the typical diet of corn or soybeans, and whatnot.

---If you enjoy eating seeds & nuts, throw in some Walnuts, as they contain a decent amount of Omega-3 and are very easy to consume.

---Eat fish or seafood weekly. Yes, the biggest supplier of Omega-3 is cold-water fish and seafood. Yep, it can be quite expensive, but not all seafood products are. Try to stay away from, or eat less often, the fish that are higher up on the food chain like the predatory fish, since they can contain high levels of mercury along with other unwanted toxins due to polluted waters, etc. Personally, I like all types of fish & seafood, but I generally eat more catfish, salmon, and shrimp, than anything, but I also like Tilapia, Flounder, Cod, Pollock, and so on.

---Now, back to the supplements... One of the most convenient "easy ways" to add Omega-3 into your diet plan, is by taking Fish Oil capsules. The bottle usually recommends taking 3 pills (1 gram each) a day, but I only take one capsule a day, since I regularly incorporate other ways, that I mentioned above, to get this particular fatty acid into my body. Luckily for me, I enjoy most types of food, so I have no problem getting Omega-3 into my diet by intentionally eating certain things for this very reason, throughout the week. However, if you're eating all the wrong types of food and/or junk, a little extra Omega-3 added to your diet will not do much good, since it is all about the Omega-3 vs. Omega-6 ratio, so you might want to consider what crap you've been ingesting in between being health-conscious.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Exercises for the computer geeks...

...Holy Cyber-God, what a sorry subject we have stumbled upon. Yes, the inevitable problems that many computer geeks often face, is poor blood circulation (except when they are, well, doing WHAT at the computer? LOL! Oh, never mind the circulation thingy...), a non-active social life with people in real-life scenarios (that can be a good thing, at times), a lack of outdoor hobbies, a sorry status of physical fitness, and so on......

Welcome to the typical computer geek's den, without all the junk and excess electronics (it's just a picture, for an example; but, is this your home?): By the way, I use the term 'geek' loosely, as that is just a general stereotype for the electronic lover, etc. No offense or insult intended; plus, y'all are often the ones inventing cool stuff, stimulating the economy, and/or making all the money online. Cheers! Anyway......

Okay, now that we have established the whereabouts of our electronic haven that feeds us the Internet, we need to find a possible point of being able to at least fit in some exercises while you live your life at the computer, besides the common jerks & twists that may happen upon certain erotic web searches. Hmm..., that could have been an ambiguous statement, but I also say that for many reasons. I recently did a web search, before typing about this subject, and I found loads of "how-to" websites and BS blogs, all talking about "how to exercise at your computer" and "workout while at your computer desk," along with so many other phrases that related to this subject.

What I found, was a heaping load of steaming dung that was a waste of time to read. I mean really, some of these nutcases were talking about "doing the twist," and raising this and that, squirming here & there, jerking up & down, and I even read how some people recommend to "march your legs in the air" while on the computer. Ha-ha! What a load of shit! It sounded more like they were promoting you to squirm, wriggle, and shake in your computer seat as if you either had a bad anal rash, genital problems, or pubic lice... Get real!

That's what this post is about, getting real. Lets face it: there is only so many exercises that you can do at your computer desk, that are reasonable and effective.

I will not even remotely consider that you do the odd things that these so-called online "writers" tell you to do, because I have better things to write about than filling web space with asinine statements. Anyway, as you should know, if you want to truly exercise, get off the damn computer and go do it! BUT, there are a few simple things that work quite well, if you're stuck at the seat for an extended amount of time.
Have a dumbbell near your computer station, desk, whatever. Personally, I have a 40lb. dumbbell on standby, at all times while using my computer, in case I get frustrated or angry, for example. Anyway, with the dumbbell or dumbbells, you can do curls and overhead presses, while listening to music or in between web searches. A dumbbell is versatile, and you can throw in some arm raises for your deltoids, as well. Also, have a nice pair of hand grippers near by. I recommend the "Captains of Crush Hand Grippers," but choose whatever you desire. Those two things alone (dumbbells & hand grips), are about the best you can do at your desk. Anything else, you are either going to have to bring heavy gym equipment to your station, look like a fool while trying to "do the twist" at your seat - like other people often recommend (ha-ha!), or you're simply going to have to just cut your monitor off and go workout, take up an outdoor hobby, and whatnot, dear geeks.
I hope you get the point that I'm actually trying to make here......

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

How to Estimate Your Max Bench Press Lift

A lot of people out there are so deeply concerned with their "Max Out," better known as the max (maximum) amount of weight that they can bench press for one rep and/or at one time.
Personally, I think the whole obsession over this amazingly overrated feat, is just that - an obsession.

The Bench Press is a lift that mainly works the pectorals, deltoids, and triceps. All bodies are shaped & sized differently, and the success of achieving a higher max lift depends on many factors. For one, you cannot say that a person who benches 400 lbs. is stronger than someone who bench presses 300 lbs., for example. Many times, the short-armed, broad chested individual has the advantage over the long-armed, narrow chested person, without sheer strength even being a factor. You throw in some good form along with the shortened extensions of exertions and a perfected technique, and presto, you have a max lift that is way higher than a person who is way stronger, but has the disadvantage under the bench, and so on.

Anyway, I'm not writing this post to analyze the "bench press" in all the facets found within the motion itself, but I'm simply going to provide a formula that will give you a semi-accurate measure and/or an estimate of what your maximum, one rep (max out) bench press lift is, without having to worry about a spotter or the weights falling on your chest.

The Formula:

Take the "weight lifted" while performing the bench press and divide it by the whole figure found by taking the numeric value of 1.0278 minus 0.0278 times the number of reps involved.

It would look like this in math: [weight lifted / 1.0278 - (0.0278 x # of reps)]

By using that formula, for example, if you lifted 225 lbs. 6 times, your estimated max lift for the bench press would be nearly 262lbs.

Another example, using this form of calculation would be, if you can bench press 215lbs. for 5 reps in a row, your maximum lift would be estimated at 242 lbs.

I've tested this formula years ago, and it is reasonably accurate. It is, of course, not 100% precise down to pound - due to many variables that may vary from day to day within the human body itself, but it makes for an excellent estimate when you have no spotters around for safety, while testing your maximum bench pressing abilities.

Well, I thought I would share that with ya. Happy lifting and good luck with your gains......

Weight Bench
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Friday, December 10, 2010

Protein is Overrated...

When it comes to bodybuilding and/or any hype that involves slogans such as "how to build muscle mass," and so on, protein intake is important, but is also highly overrated.
I think most of the hype originally came from marketing material of the past, that used this "you should ingest tons of protein to gain muscle" BS, all via the attempt to sale more protein shakes, supplements, powders, amino acids, etc. From there, which it spawned, the misinformed began to inform the uniformed, gullible suckers with an open wallet......
Due to me being constantly surrounded by retail slop, poppycock, and marketing swill on a regular basis, whether it be online or offline, I understand the requirements for some of the concepts and hogwash behind a good sales pitch, but it always vexes me to no end when people start stating such asinine claims as if they were an actuality and/or a fact.

Unless you're taking steroids or on growth hormones, the body can't synthesize large intakes of protein and send it all into the muscle fibers for quick results. Building muscle takes time, and wasting your money on all of these protein shakes & supplements that suppose to be providing this made-up, fictitious "required amount" of protein, is utter baloney. I've heard people say that they need 1 gram of this "stuff" per pound of body weight. ...So, if you weigh 200lbs., some of these mislead folks think you'll need to consume 200 grams of protein per day! Get real! For one, we don't all have the money to buy expensive meats, pills, and protein powders, for example. Secondly, no matter how hard you work out, the recovery stage still takes time and eating a diet that is naturally ample in protein, will definitely be sufficient unless, like I said before, you are on growth hormones and/or steroids. You simply don't need to ingest hundreds of grams of protein a day! The whole notion is absolute nonsense!

Plus, when you do consume an enormous amount of protein that the body obviously doesn't need all at once, you'll just burn it off as energy or store it as fat. And let me tell ya, protein is not a clean fuel source; it brings 4 calories per gram like carbohydrates, but it strains the body more to break it down into usable energy - as opposed to simple & complex carbohydrates and saturated & unsaturated fats/lipids. When you don't get enough carbohydrates in your diet, for example, such as the diet plans that consist of mostly meat, your body starts to accumulate toxic substances in the blood like ketones, due to your body having to utilize protein and body fat for energy. The toxins from this process can also lead to halitosis and excess acid in the body, along with other unwanted issues that I won't even bother to mention......

---The bottom line is: Quit wasting your money on the hype; put in the natural hard work & effort that is required, and use some damn common sense!

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why I use Coral Calcium...

Without all the hype, BS, and baloney, I'll tell ya why I use Coral Calcium. A few years ago, there were loads of infomercials out there boasting about the super-powers & cures that could be achieved by simply taking "the Coral." I've even heard wild claims that it could cure all diseases and even cancer, due to it being able to stabilize and/or raise the body's PH level to the ultimate anti-sickness level. Hell, I think they were even promoting that it could reverse the aging process, as well. Needless to say, these folks were throwing a big sales pitch in hopes of selling even more of their "special" product.

I'm not saying that by taking Coral Calcium it won't have some potential health benefits, but that's not why I take this product. I will say, however, that people who purchase regular calcium pills that contain nothing but calcium citrate and/or calcium carbonate are more or less just wasting their money unless they are taking Vitamin D and magnesium with it. Anyway, when most people hear about this mineral, except for the ones who were bombed with the infomercials I mentioned prior, they usually think "bone health." Even though adequate intakes of calcium, if properly absorbed and retained in the body, does seem to help with bone health and bone density, this is still not why I take this product.

Why I use Coral Calcium is not something that is usually mentioned on the product's label. I simply take it before bedtime to help me sleep and for central nervous system health. However, I don't just take any product; I take the one that has Vitamin D3, Magnesium, and Vitamin C added. When you mix a small amount of Magnesium in with the Calcium, which is absorbed better with the added Vitamin D, this makes for a mild, natural sleep aid that also helps relax the muscles, lower your blood pressure, and calm the nerves and, well, it works for me. You must remember, I'm not very big into taking artificial, man-made drugs - especially not for sleeping, and I'm not taking the hormonal supplement known as Melatonin, either. Even though Melatonin can be effective if used sparingly and when needed, I'm just not that big into intentionally altering my hormone levels - unless it is absolutely necessary.

Here's the Coral Calcium product that I recommend:

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Martial Arts is also great for Physical Fitness...

When most people hear the terms Martial Arts, many folks think of stuff like: self-defense, kung-fu fighting, Bruce Lee, high kicks, breaking boards, and so on... But, even without all of that and even if you don't know what in the hell you're doing, martial arts is also great for physical fitness. Outside of weight training, exercising, etc., it wouldn't hurt to incorporate some kickboxing, boxing, kung-fu, weapon training, and whatnot, into your training sessions.

Back in the day, when I had more room, I used to have a heavy bag and a speed bag to punch and kick on - after my regular workouts involving weightlifting. I found it to be an excellent top-off, cool down, and finishing touch to a hard workout. I also felt like I balanced my workouts by using some of the muscles that are not worked as hard through standard motions such as bench presses and curls, for example.

Like I said before, you don't have to know the art or even be good at Karate or whatever, but by going through the motions on a regular basis, you'll add extra flexibility, agility and strength, over time. Hey, it is worth a try...especially if you're tired of the same physical fitness routines.

If you're interested in grabbing a couple books to learn more:

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If you'd like to learn more about the weaponry used in this combative art, visit:

Traditional Weapons - Martial Arts - Bruce Lee included...

Hey, here's a kung-fu video for motivation... It's a Bruce Lee YouTube video from the movie Enter the Dragon:

Image of Bruce Lee:

...Now, what are you waiting for? Go kick some ass!

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Simple ways to Build Powerful Deltoids...

I'd say that most guys with an ample amount of testosterone pumping through their veins would like to walk around with large, broad shoulders and powerful deltoids. Ya know, it's one of those manly traits. However, since broad shoulders involve how large your frame is and how your bones chose to grow, you may be stuck with a less than desirable build - depending on your genetics. Although, even if you have an average or a narrow build, you can still appear to have broader shoulders by beefing up those deltoids. Below, I'll provide a few simple ways to do just that......

Image of the Deltoid muscles:
The shoulder contains 3 types of deltoid muscles: the anterior (front) deltoid, posterior (rear) deltoid, and the medial/lateral (side) deltoid.

A simple way to build up the front deltoids, is by doing any type of pushes and/or pressing motions, such as push-ups, bench-presses, etc. This is one of the easiest parts of the deltoid to strengthen, since the movements required to build this area seem more natural. *Side Note: This is also the type of deltoid that commonly becomes imbalanced from hardcore weightlifting and causes poor posture or a sort of hunkering over type look on some folks, and it's also known to make the shoulder more prone to injuries, etc. This generally only happens when there is a huge gap between the front and rear deltoid in muscular development, and so on.

A simple way to build the side deltoids, is by doing lateral raises. You can use dumbbells for this exercise. ...It is where you hold the weight by your side and then slowly raise you arm up to shoulder level, then lower back to the starting position. You can always alternate the lateral raises by doing them sideways and frontwards.
If you'd like to work the front and side deltoids using one exercise, I'd recommend the Military Press for building powerful shoulders and triceps. You can do these overhead lifts with dumbbells, but I'd also recommend using a bar. You can also alternate this exercise by lifting the weight up & down in front of your head and by going through the same motion, but behind your neck instead of in front.

A simple way to build the rear deltoids, is by doing lots of pull-ups and chin-ups.  If you're not very good with that type of motion, you can perform bent-over lateral raises to target the rear deltoids. Instead of using the standing position to build the side deltoids, bend over at the waist and, with a slight bend in the knees, hold this position while doing the lateral raises. Bent over rows, also work well. Reverse dumbbell flies is another great exercise for this particular muscle group. Just bend over, like when doing bent over lateral raises, and hold two dumbbells in your hands with your palms facing each other. Now raise your dumbbells backwards, until your arms are parallel to the floor. Or you can just buy a canoe and row, row, row your way to posterior deltoid success; ha!

Side note: The rear deltoids are often neglected, but they still get some secondary work from a variety of exercises that you use to strengthen your back, shoulders, triceps, etc. Personally, I focus more on the side and front sections of the shoulder muscles, mainly because there are more enjoyable exercises for those areas. [Update: A few years later I got big into pull-ups, so now I train my rear deltoids just as much as the side and front parts of the shoulder.] Besides, I'm not a big fan of bent over rows or anything that unnecessarily strains the back. But, if you're a hardcore bodybuilder, you're probably seeking a balanced build and you may have to go buy special equipment just for the rear deltoids that can perform reverse flies, face pulls using a pulley system, and so on.
Now, that's enough talk; go build ya some powerful, manly deltoids...

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Health Benefits of Lycopene

Lycopene is a bright red carotene and carotenoid pigment. This particular phytochemical is most commonly consumed by eating tomatoes or tomato-based products such as ketchup, tomato paste, sauces, etc. Lycopene is also found in a few other foods; I'll list those in a moment... Lycopene is chemically labeled a carotene, but it has no Vitamin A activity.

Once Lycopene is absorbed into the body, it accumulates in the liver, adrenal glands, and testes; it is also present in human serum, skin, lungs, prostate, and colon.

Possible Health Benefits of Lycopene:

It can help prevent cardiovascular disease, various types of cancers, diabetes, osteoporosis, and can possibly improve male fertility.
It is a powerful antioxidant and is being studied for its potential anti-cancer properties.
When concerning cancer, the stronger forms of evidence are linked towards its ability to help prevent lung, stomach, and prostate cancer.
Some studies have suggested that Lycopene may also help prevent certain types of eye disorders (cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, etc.)

However, there are a few factors that make it hard to find clear-cut evidence for some of these claims. For one, synthetic versions of the substance is often used (the ones typically found in supplements) as opposed to natural sources, during clinical studies. Secondly, when using natural sources, the foods that contain a significant amount of Lycopene, also contain a lot of other beneficial phytochemicals/phytonutrients and this makes it hard to determine how much impact a single phytochemical, such as Lycopene, has on the body when compared to other substances within the actual food source.

Natural Dietary Sources of Lycopene:
Below, I'll provide the Source and the amount of Lycopene via μg/g wet weight......

[Data gathered from ]

Gac (A rare Southeast Asian fruit found throughout the region from Southern China to Northeastern Australia): 2,000 - 2,300

Tomato sauce: 63 - 131

Tomato ketchup: 124

Tomato juice: 86 - 100

Watermelon: 23 - 72

Pink Guava: 54
Papaya: 20 - 53

Tomato (raw): 8.8 - 42

Rose hip puree: 7.8

Pink Grapefruit: 3.6 - 34

Apricot: ...less than 0.1

If you'd like to read about all the "inconclusive" evidence along with loads of statements saying that familiar trite phrase, "they don't have enough scientific evidence," go here: [link has become inactive]

Tomato Juice prevents emphysema in animal models: "Drinking tomato juice completely prevented emphysema in mice exposed to tobacco smoke, report researchers from Japan." Read more...

I don't know about you, but I have no problem adding Ketchup and/or Lycopene into my diet......
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Grow your own edibles!

...Or as some of them backward hillbillies or good ol' farmers with loads of experience may say, "I grow my own food and that there stuff is very edible to us folks. It taste better than that 'er store-bought crap they be sellin' at our local market."
No matter what dialect you speak, the fact is, home-grown is simply better.

I bet the old farmer depicted below, knows all about it:

I would have entitled this post, "Grow your own food!" but I realized after doing a quick web search, that the term 'food' is way too commonly used in blog titles. By the way, I wonder if most of these folks of today even know what real food is? At any rate, I went with, "Grow your own edibles!" for obvious reasons to be named later.

I recently went to my first Real Estate auction. A lot of the people there were older, frugal, thrifty, and mainly looking for some steals, bargains, and great deals on the small junk that is often found at auctions. Anyway, that's not the point. While I was there, I got to talking to one of the older fellows who had been around for quite a while. He was going on about how food isn't the same anymore and how a lot of things are tasteless and/or doesn't taste like it should. I totally agreed with him, and mentioned how the only way you can have "real" food anymore that you know hasn't been injected with chemicals/hormones or grown in poor conditions due to mass production, is to raise it yourself.

It is a very simple concept, but I really think that many people (especially the new generation) don't realize just how poor a lot of the food found in the grocery stores & markets really is. Hell, some of it is barely edible - if that!

I understand that some people just don't have the land to raise enough food, but use what ya got! If you're lazy or short for space, help support local farmers around you, and offer to buy some of their crop. I'd say that the majority of people can at least put out a small garden. Don't bomb your crop with pesticides & poisons, either. You want it to be organic, and you're in full control when it comes to what goes into the soil, while growing your own edibles.

I hate looking at the content labels on food products, while shopping in a grocery store, as I get the joy of reading all of these crazy words that are hard to pronounce. I'm often thinking to myself, "They put all that in there? What in the hell is that? How do you say that chemical, oops, I mean word?" It is insane, with all the preservatives, artificial colors, chemicals, tenderizers, hormones, and other junk that they put in your food - that you would not normally consume if things were up to you or if you had full control. Like I've said many times to other people, it is not the food that is killing people, it is all the crap they put in it!

When I say "grow your own edibles," this isn't limited to small or large gardens. If you got the room, raise livestock as well. For example, I know rabbits & chickens are easy to raise, cheap to feed, and don't take up much room. I don't have the experience to tell you how difficult it is to raise hogs & cows, but I know that you'll need a lot of land to raise bovine. Then again, if you're lazy or don't have the land space, support your local farmer. It is not that hard to find someone local who raises their own meat. Make an offer and you may get a good deal. (Remember, you can freeze this stuff, so buy in bulk if the discount is good.) Even if you pay a decent amount of cash, you'll still most likely get a bargain when buying in bulk and, either way, you'll know (find out how they are raised first) that you're getting quality organic meat without all the harmful additives.

Kill or catch your own edibles: Small & big game hunters also reap rewards by making fresh kills. This is great, if you like eating rabbits, squirrels, doves, quail, deer, etc. If you enjoy consuming fish, get motivated and try to catch your own, that is, if you can find a clean pond or a water source that isn't polluted. I usually just take the easy way out, and buy pond-raised fish.

Another health benefit: All of these things, whether it is growing, killing, or catching your own edibles, does require effort. Well guess what? It is also fun! A lot of people may be surprised, when they put their computer down along with their silly electronic gadgets, at how much more there is to life than senseless contraptions. Plus, most people could use some exercise! Today's world, for the most part, seems to be shifting into Cyber mode while people are letting their selves be dominated by mindless machines. Have we entered into the Man versus Machines mode? Well, it is your life, so you make the call......

A Must-Have for Raising your own Food:
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---Remember: The more independent a person can become, the better.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Korean Ginseng Extract

I wonder, hmm... What is the first thought that commonly comes across most people's (especially males) minds, when they hear the word Ginseng? A lot of males automatically think, "Wow! That's the stuff that can give me some of that holy penis power! Oh, yeah! I'll take me a couple of these pills and presto, look at my mighty erection from this here Korean Ginseng Extract!"

Ha-ha! Well, that may not be your exact thoughts but, either way, I never said this herbal capsule couldn't help your mighty man-shaft perform the duties that are often required from such erotic warriors as yourself, albeit there is really a lot more to this herb than that...

Ginseng Plant Ginseng (there are many different types) acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. This herb helps the body deal with stress (adaptogen), increases sexual desire (aphrodisiac) and fights erectile dysfunction. Ginseng is a natural stimulant that can boost energy levels and help with Type 2 Diabetes by lowering and/or stabilizing blood sugar. Ginseng Extracts contain ginsenosides and flavonoids - these bioactive factors could possibly have anti-cancer properties and they promote overall health, well-being, and physical performance. In fact, many people believe that it helps with their cognitive function, as well. The enhanced brain function is probably due to Ginseng's ability to raise the blood-oxygen levels. Ginseng is also known to have a positive effect on the body's immune system. This amazing herb not only increases your endurance, but it also assists the body during the recovery stages - whether mental or physical. For example, many people who are suffering from symptoms of withdrawal from drugs or alcohol, often find that ginseng helps calm them down during their recovery stages.
Anyway, there are so many good things that I could say about this particular herb, as it's truly one of my "most recommended" herbal products that you'll ever hear me promote.

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Personally, I recommend the Ginseng product from Nature's Bounty - Standardized Extract - Korean Ginseng - 100mg per capsule, as shown below:

Click Here for More Information! ---End of Post

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mushrooms are good for you because...

Mushrooms have been used for centuries - both for consumption and medical reasons. Many folks classify them as vegetables or as some type of herbal plant, when they are actually fungi - as gross as that may sound to ya.

I recently ran across a site that stated: "While there are over 14,000 mushrooms, only about 3,000 are edible, about 700 have known medicinal properties, and fewer than one percent are recognized as poisonous." They also went on to say, "The Pharaohs prized mushrooms as a delicacy, and the Greeks believed that mushrooms provided strength for warriors in battle. The Romans regarded mushrooms as a gift from God and served them only on festive occasions, while the Chinese treasured them as a health food." You can read more, here:

Anyway, the reason why I'm talking about these slimy little bastards (that are so easily pushed off the dinner plates), is because a lot of people don't realize how healthy some of these food items are. The common mushrooms found on the market are a good source of B vitamins (especially B2, B3, & B5) and antioxidants, along with vitamin C, potassium, iron, selenium, copper, and other trace elements. Common (edible) mushrooms have also been known to stimulate the immune system and potentially possess anti-cancer properties. When compared to their dry weight (since they are 80 to 90% water), they have a decent amount of protein & fiber, as well.

I understand that some people simply do not and will not eat a mushroom merely because of the unique, as many of us say, "slimy" texture. However, the texture does change a bit, depending on how you cook 'em.
They make for great "fillers" and side items for certain dishes and they are also good for absorbing flavors from a variety of sauces and marinara, for example.
It's easy to add them to your meals: You can sauté them for stir fry, add them to spaghetti & lasagna, use them for hamburger steak (I sauté mine with onions & peppers), top your favorite pizza with these healthy mushrooms, put them in casseroles and on sandwiches, along with many other types of cuisines and whatnot.

Some people even batter them (whole or sliced) and deep fry 'em. I tried 'em like that before, but I prefer them to be used like I mentioned prior. Of course, they taste their best when bought fresh, but it is more convenient to buy them out of can, already sliced.  A lot of people just throw a little butter in a skillet, dump the pre-sliced mushrooms in, fry, and are done within minutes. Anyway, don't be scared of the dang mushrooms. Don't bother asking why because they're good for you!

Additional Tidbit: The herbal supplement Milk Thistle helps people who ingest the deadly Death Cap Mushrooms, recover from liver damage - if took before it is too late, of course.

---End of Post "Mushrooms are good for you because..."

Edit: I should have also mentioned something about a popular medicinal mushroom known as Cordyceps sinensis.  To read a few tidbits about this particular fungi, you'll have to go to the following link because for whatever reason, they put them in certain Testosterone Boosters:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Creatine is a waste of money - for most people!

I get so tired of hearing about the glory of creatine supplementation. A lot of weight lifters and bodybuilders take this particular supplement but, for the most part, it is way overrated.

Creatine helps your muscle cells retain water and, by doing what they call "creatine loading," it generally helps your body exert itself to the fullest. But does it help build muscle and does it help you gain muscle mass? Well, you will typically gain a few pounds from the supplementation itself, but that is only from water retention and not from actual tissue formation. Who in the hell wants that? Now, in some cases, it helps people work harder to achieve higher gains, even though this can normally be achieved without taking supplements of creatine.

Your body produces a lot of this good stuff, but vegetarians are often on the edge of not having enough - if they are participating in intense workouts for bodybuilding purposes. Personally, I think creatine is a complete waste of money for most people! Only unless you're vegetarian or are a hardcore bodybuilding freak with the ambition to achieve a steroid-like freaky build (even then, creatine is not your answer - maybe something illegal like steroids, perhaps), you may find this supplement worthy of the high dollar sign.

I usually detest the unnatural route, and especially when it can be avoided. For the ones that are looking for natural forms of creatine, it is abundantly found in most meats. I'd recommend red meat & fish, for example. Food like Salmon & Tuna, are really packin' the natural form of creatine, but I understand that not everyone eats fish all the time.

Since this supplement mainly hydrates your muscle cells, I see no need why a healthy eater would need this unless, like I said, you're a strict vegetarian or an intense weight lifter. Hence forth the title, "Creatine is a waste of money - for most people!"

If you need some extra energy, try ginseng as an herbal supplement and make sure you're eating healthy while also getting enough protein - and Zinc & Magnesium intake is also important during physical fitness training. You can get most of the minerals (that help support muscle growth and a high level of testosterone) you need by adding nuts, seeds, and legumes to your diet.

Anyway, be wary of the hype and don't waste your money on crap that you don't need. Cheers!

...Need a natural source of Creatine? Eat this:

Pink Salmon

Read about another supplement under scrutiny: Ginkgo Biloba

Random Blog Link: How to estimate your Max Bench Press Lift

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Monday, November 8, 2010

My Favorite Tea with Clover Honey

In my opinion, people need to try and steer clear from all these soft drinks, sodas, cokes, or whatever you like to call them, since they are loaded with refined simple sugars. Natural sugars found in fruits and honey, for example, are so much better for the body. In fact, the abuse of "table sugar" often leads to Type 2 Diabetes along with other problems. It just isn't natural, to pour sugar down your throat. You know, all that good stuff like cakes, pies, candy......uh, yeah, you get the drift.

Anyway, on this post, I'm going to provide the recipe for my favorite tea. It contains 3 different types of tea leaves and two different forms of sweetener.

I usually buy Lipton tea; the small bags. This is the size bag that you use 1 per cup, if you're making hot tea. I lower the 1:1 ratio when steeping the bags for cold tea, since it cooks longer and I leave the bags in the water until I bring it to a boil.

I have a clean gallon container half full of cold water, set aside.
Fill a medium saucepan two-thirds full of water.
Add about 4 ounces of Clover Honey to the water, along with about 5 tablespoons of the evil table sugar.
I add 6 bags of Lipton Black Tea, 4 bags of Lipton Green Tea, and 2 bags of Celestial Seasonings Chamomile Tea.
I cut the stove on high and cook until it comes to a boil.
I quickly cut the stove off, grab the tea bags by their strings and dip them into the cold water in my gallon container (this helps get more from your tea bags as opposed to just throwing them in the trash); discard the bags.
Then pour the hot brew into the gallon jug and add whatever water is needed, to fill the rest of the container.

Of course, this tea mixture tastes its best when it has set over night, and is really cold. But, if you're in a hurry, just add ice and enjoy. I also, on occasions, replace the Chamomile tea with White Tea. If you don't know, white tea doesn't have to be brewed as long and it has a smoother taste with way less caffeine than black. I'm sure most of you realize the health benefits of drinking tea, especially from the flavonoids and antioxidants, so I won't waste time talking about that right now......

Now, what about this Clover Honey?
It is my personal favorite because it has a milder, slightly floral taste to it, unlike any I have ever tried. Clover Honey is produced by bees who mostly feed off of the nectar of clover plants. Canada, United States, and New Zealand make large amounts of this particular type of honey and it is easily found on the market. Since quality will vary from one honey product to the next, at least try to find the ones that say "pure" or "raw" when shopping for honey. You don't want to buy honey that has been overly processed since that would remove a lot of the health benefits from natural honey and it also won't taste the same.

Well, this has been a sweet post. Oh, enjoy your tea! It comes highly recommended. I usually drink it before and after my beer-drinking sessions. Ha-ha! Cheers!

Lipton Tea is good for ya! ---End of Post "My Favorite Tea with Clover Honey"

Update:  Pesticides in Tea & Coffee

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mystery of Muscle Memory

Here's a quote I just run across on the web, "The subconscious level of the mind controls all so-called muscle memory. Anything and everything we have ever done is permanently stored within the subconscious."

Well, I don't think I would call it "so-called" muscle memory, because this stuff is real. I'm not really that fascinated by the subject, but many people seem to be amazed by the "mystery" of muscle memory. Even as a young kid, I realized that the mind also had a lot to do with strength training and results. Hell, even thinking about building muscle or gaining strength while exercising, can help you achieve greater gains. The facts undoubtedly come to the surface, when you have someone who has strength trained for a few years and then takes several years off and allows their body become softer & weaker. BUT, when they restart their training after the long hiatus, they quickly have results & gains that a typical person couldn't achieve in such a short period of time.

I'm so glad that I trained for years in the past, because I have currently took a couple years off from weight lifting and upper body fitness...and have lost a decent amount of strength and muscle mass. But thankfully for the mystery of my muscle memory, when I do start back, I can achieve gains and be back to where I used to be, within a few weeks. Hey, I've did it before, and this stuff is really true.

I'll provide a couple extra resources below, in case you're looking for more on this subject:

"Anyone who has lifted weights, on and off, for several years is familiar with the concept of "muscle memory." Muscle memory in this context refers to the observation that when a person begins lifting weights after a prolonged lay off, it is much easier to return to their previous levels of size and strength than it was to get there the first time around. Even when significant atrophy (muscle shrinking) has taken place during the layoff, previously hypertrophied muscle returns to its previous size more quickly than usual." Read More:

"Muscle memory consolidation involves the continuous evolution of neural processes after practicing a task has stopped. The exact mechanism of motor memory consolidation within the brain is controversial; however most theories assume that there is a general redistribution of information across the brain from encoding to consolidation." Read More:

---End of Post "Mystery of Muscle Memory"

Methods for Building Powerful Forearms

If you're involved in strength training, body building and/or upper body fitness, you may or may not overlook your forearms as a target area. A lot of weight lifters, for example, assume that their forearms get enough work through secondary means - from the variety of exercises that they perform while targeting their major muscle groups. This is somewhat true, but there are methods out there that are geared strictly for building powerful forearms and crushing grip strength.

Wrist Curls are known as a good forearm exercise, but I've never been a big fan of this tedious motion. I would recommend hand grippers over performing wrist curls, any day.
If you're looking for the best hand grippers in the world, at least that I have run across, visit the "Captains of Crush - Build Forearm & Hand Strength" page. I'd purchase a couple, for starters; just get one with less tension for higher reps, and then a tougher one for strength training.

Regular arm curls (using dumbbells or a bar), used in bicep training, does work parts of the forearm. However, if you're looking to build more explosive forearms, I'd recommend that you throw in some Reverse Curls into the mix. This type of curl, is where you use an overhand grip as opposed to the typical underhand, hence the name "Reverse Curls."

I also find that arm raises can really give the forearms a good burn, when working the deltoids. While standing straight, using a heavy dumbbell in each hand and starting from the hips, slowly raise the dumbbells to shoulder level and then back down to the starting position. Do as many reps as you feel comfortable with. You can raise the weights sideways or in front of you, as it is effective either way. I'd just alternate to get a fuller range of motion.

There is another method for building powerful forearms, and this is called "Thick Bar Training." You can read more about this, along with other methods for strength training, here:
If you have a workout that consists of a variety of muscle building exercises and you throw in a few of these additional methods for building up lower arm and hand strength, you should be well on your way to having powerful, impressive, Popeye Forearms of Steel.

Popeye Power ---End of Post

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Is a Multivitamin good for you?

Not to be confused with megavitamins, multivitamins typically contain a large variety of vitamins & minerals within a normal range and/or recommended daily allowance (RDA).
The question: Is a Multivitamin good for you?
Centrum - Complete from A to ZincThe back & forth about the health of taking this supplement in a daily fashion, whether it is good for you or if it does more harm than good, has been going on for quite while. In the past, it was generally accepted as a wise choice to take a vitamin tablet daily, and the only negative things you probably heard about back then, was that you were wasting money or someone may tell you, "damn, you have expensive urine!" Now, there is studies that conclude that taking too much synthetic beta-carotene (precursor of Vitamin A) and synthetic Vitamin A from supplements (not food sources) can actually increase health risks (lung cancer) for people who smoke, for example. There are other vitamins that can have negative effects if took in high doses, which are often found in megavitamins. Of course, there is always a chance of getting too much iron in your body if you abuse multivitamins that contain Iron.

If you eat a well-balanced, healthy diet, most people really don't need to take vitamin & mineral pills. Then again, it seems that most people don't eat very healthy. I will say, the extra Vitamin D that is often found in these daily supplements, is one of the biggest reasons why I take them periodically.

Wikipedia quote: "Severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies require medical treatment and can be very difficult to treat with common over-the-counter multivitamins. In such situations, special vitamin or mineral forms with much higher potencies are available, either as individual components or as specialized formulations, sometimes requiring a prescription.
Multivitamins in large quantities may pose a risk of an acute overdose, due to the toxicity of some components, principally iron. However, in contrast to iron tablets, which can be lethal to children, toxicity from overdoses of multivitamins are very rare.
" Read more about this subject, here:

As people age, from young to old, the body's requirements change. This is another reason why there are so many different variations of multiminerals & multivitamins on the market, well, outside of the marketing and promotional aspects for the obvious monetary reasons at hand.

In my opinion, if you do take a basic multivitamin often, it is better to just take half of it early in the day and the the other half, later on that day - to increase absorption rates and to simply spread out the nutrient flow.

I still say that the best way to get proper nutrition, is from food itself - in a natural way; plus, by eating nutrient-rich food, you'll get lots of the antioxidants and phytochemicals, etc., that may help prevent disease, cancer, and so on......

I'm not a big fan of the "megavitamins" on the market. I do not think it is wise to take an excessive amount of any particular synthetic vitamin; it just isn't natural and the same applies for taking large amounts of one or two minerals in particular. Overdoing certain vitamins & minerals while lacking in others can cause an imbalance, which can never be good.

So, is a Multivitamin good for you, or do you think it is a big waste of money?

I assume it depends on your situation and health status, but I'll just stick to taking 2 or 3 a week, and be done with it. That way, I'm not wasting too much money, but I'm also not overdoing it - just merely supplementing my diet. However, I do take a variety of herbs & supplements, but I'll save my reasons for those, later on down this blog's path to bloggerville heaven. Cheers!

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Increase Seminal Fluid - Enhance Ejaculation

This is a topic that is often pondered about by many men, but not often talked about. Hey, look at it as seminal emancipation, if it makes you feel more professional. Ha-ha! However, this subject will not be very important to some, as others mainly just care about their sexual performance and erectile function. But I must say, you might be surprised by the amount of women who would also love it if you could enhance your ejaculation and/or increase the volume of those joy juices (a.k.a. seminal fluid).

Well, lets head on into the matter at hand, before I decide to get poetic or creative and start rambling about it - in an aimless fashion......

Look out for scams! There are pills galore claiming to increase your ejaculate, so don't waste your money on miracle tablets - unless you know that some of the ingredients within the pills are proven and effective. As this blog progresses, you'll quickly learn that I'm not very big into the drug industry or non-natural methods - no matter what it is.

"Tried & True," the delay method works quite well. Of course the longer you can maintain an erection or have sex, the more seminal fluid you'll most likely generate. The delay method is where you stop during sex, just before you're about to orgasm, then restart after the urge to ejaculate, is no longer there. After doing this several times, even if it's all throughout the day or over a period of 2 days, you'll find that when you do decide to release, it will typically be significantly more. Now, if you're having stamina issues along with staying power, this may not work well for you until you fix your other erectile problems.

The old "save it for days" method is actually a load of baloney. After 2 or 3 days, you are usually peaked as far as normal production or storage is concerned, and the excess is reabsorbed into your body. I hate the "save it" theory for several reasons. For one, what sexually active person wants to go that long? Secondly, for the ones who think or believe you'll spray like a geyser if you wait an extremely long time, it simply isn't true - nor would it be due to the time period after 2 or 3 days. If you have an enhanced ejaculation, it is most likely due to some other factors, not because you went a month without ejaculating (ouch!).

Nutrition helps, especially if you eat the right foods. You don't have to be overly hydrated or anything like that, but getting the right protein and minerals can go a long way.
Foods like peanuts, seeds, and legumes, seem to work best for me.
People claim "Horny Goat Weed" helps, but I have no proof of this. I do recommend taking Ginseng, however.

PC exercises (Kegel Exercises) can help you have a more powerful fluid release from your penile structure and prevent premature ejaculation - if they are performed for a couple of weeks. Strengthening your PC muscles, a.k.a. pubococcygeus muscle, can never hurt and is good for sexual health.

One simple fact is, some people just produce more semen while others produce less, so don't get too discouraged if you're having problems hosing down your partner. The quantity of your seminal fluid doesn't seem to really have that much of an impact on pregnancy, since it only takes a microscopic amount of sperm to achieve that goal, and no matter what, more focus probably needs to be focused on sexual performance first - when comparing to finding ways to increase your seminal production.

---End of Post

Friday, October 29, 2010

Chest Congestion - Guaifenesin - Expectorant

'Tis the season of cold weather, as winter time is upon us. Ahh, the joys of autumn and the colors of Fall; the hunting season is in full swing, as most of the vegetation is dying; we hope for snow soon, but good things are not all that this season may bring.


Yes, the drug industry is popping, prescription drugs are flying all over the place along with the customer-friendly, over-the-counter remedies.

Well, hopefully most of y'all dodge the sickness that is typically spread during this time of year, but if you do get sick, if it involves chest congestion, you may want to check this out.

It is called "Guaifenesin" and is the ingredient you need to be looking for, when searching for an effective expectorant that helps chest congestion by thinning and loosening mucus (phlegm). It thins the bronchial secretions to rid the bronchial passageways of the bothersome, aggravating funky phlegm as this, in turn, helps to make your coughs more productive.

The side-effects are basically non-existent but, as with most drugs, there is still a possibility of incurring some.

The main reason for this post, is that many people who try to avoid going to the Doctor and paying a high price for prescription pills (can't blame ya there), often fail to realize what to look for, when dealing with congested lungs. All illnesses suck, but having mucus stored in your lungs is always at risk for further exasperation. Guaifenesin is one of the best drugs I have ever took, for breaking up that mess and freeing yourself of chest congestion.

If you're at a local pharmacy or market, ask about it, and try to get a product that solely has that ingredient alone - without all that other added crap and/or drugs that don't relate to a chronic cough with lung congestion, etc. Taking 400 mg. every 4 hours, as needed, should help with your bronchial passageways, as this is an excellent expectorant - especially for an over-the-counter drug.

Oh, if you're interested in other possible usages for Guaifenesin, visit: for further detail.

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Try to stay warm and have a great winter; cheers now!

---End of Post "Chest Congestion - Guaifenesin - Expectorant"

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This blog will contain random subjects that will mostly relate to health & fitness. Of course, health is a broad niche ranging anywhere from medical science, sexual performance, the health benefits of certain types of foods, supplements, herbs, along with natural remedies, physical fitness, and so on (too many topics to list). There will also be a variety of product reviews, tips & advice, interesting subjects - perhaps some that may end up off topic, as well. Overall, I'll try to stay germane to the theme at hand, but you know how that goes......

It will probably be a while before I start adding content at a more frequent rate, since I'm currently involved in other projects at the moment. But when I return to this blog, I hope to add informative (or at least semi-interesting/helpful) articles on a regular basis.

Anyway, cheers for now!

---End of Introduction