Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Body Opponent Punching Bag - BOB - Dummy

I've recently did a blog post over "picking out the right heavy bag / speed bag stand," but after reading that, some of y'all may realize that you either don't have the room for such a stand or that the area you would like to place it, isn't in good enough condition to withstand the weight and vibrations from hardcore use. Either way or even if you do have the room for the traditional heavy bag stand along with a speed bag setup, you may still be more interested in punching or kicking something else......

Have you ever heard of a dummy known as "BOB," the "Body Opponent heavy Bag?" Just going by looks, these are some nifty little/big bastards, and are great for a more realistic, life-like target to punch, strike and kick into. Speaking of that, this may be the perfect bag for you, when you feel stressed with pent-up frustrations and decide to release the fury on occasions!  Besides, it just sounds kind of cool when somebody tells you what all they do for a workout and you simply reply with, "well, personally, I just go out to my garage and beat the hell out of BOB."  Ha!

Below, I'll provide an image of a typical Body Opponent Punching Bag:

I've recently browsed through a small selection of these types of exercise bags (human torso targets) at Amazon.com, and the product description for the one above, was as follows:
"Work the entire upper body with this realistic heavy bag! Body Opponent Heavy Bags are excellent, realistic and life-like punching bags. Excellent for home, apartment, school, and aerobic boxing. Perfect every punch and kick in your arsenal. Punch to the face, chin, body ... anywhere you'd hit your opponent. Now even more realistic for a variety of techniques. Base fills with approx. 270 lbs. of sand or water for solid and sturdy use. Made of high strength plastisol filled with urethane foam for durability. Adjustable height to accommodate multiple users. Base is rounded for easy roll location."

Personally, I've never tried one of these, but I really enjoyed the water-filled heavy bag I once owned. The pros for these human-shaped dummy Body Opponent Heavy (BOB) Bags seem to be it's compact size, life-like appearance, adjustable height, and sturdy base. Now, what I would like to know, is just how much of a beating can this human-like dummy really take? They are fairly pricey, but if they are as good as they say they are, it would be well worth the money. In case you're interested, I'll provide a shopping link below:

--->'Click Here' for a selection of Body Opponent Heavy Bags<---

Update:  July 4th, 2013 - Well, I waited nearly 2.5 years before I purchased one of these BOB thingies, but I must say it was well worth it!  I currently have it out in the garage, but if we have a bad winter I may bring it in, since I filled it with water instead of sand.  I wouldn't want it to totally freeze and bust, although 270 lbs. of water will take prolonged temperatures way below freezing, but we'll see.  I also bought some 14 oz. boxing gloves to go with my Century BOB XL with Stand, so I'm finally set!  This thing is really fun to use and is a great workout for not only the upper body, but also for a good cardio workout, as well; cheers!

Side Note:  Some people have mentioned that this particular human-shaped dummy / punching bag moves a bit while they use it (going by some of the reviews I have read).  Well, after using it myself, I can attest to this.  I have did two things to combat such movements, although I will say, like other people have mentioned, the fact that BOB does move around upon heavier impact, adds to the training experience.  Anyway, I have my body opponent heavy bag cornered in, literally.  I have mine in a concrete building/garage/carport, in the far corner.  That way, it can only move so much to the left and right, and can't go backwards at all.  The second thing I did, since I had an extra one, is put a weighted vest on it, to add some more weight to it, which helps some.

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