Thursday, November 18, 2010

Korean Ginseng Extract

I wonder, hmm... What is the first thought that commonly comes across most people's (especially males) minds, when they hear the word Ginseng? A lot of males automatically think, "Wow! That's the stuff that can give me some of that holy penis power! Oh, yeah! I'll take me a couple of these pills and presto, look at my mighty erection from this here Korean Ginseng Extract!"

Ha-ha! Well, that may not be your exact thoughts but, either way, I never said this herbal capsule couldn't help your mighty man-shaft perform the duties that are often required from such erotic warriors as yourself, albeit there is really a lot more to this herb than that...

Ginseng Plant Ginseng (there are many different types) acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. This herb helps the body deal with stress (adaptogen), increases sexual desire (aphrodisiac) and fights erectile dysfunction. Ginseng is a natural stimulant that can boost energy levels and help with Type 2 Diabetes by lowering and/or stabilizing blood sugar. Ginseng Extracts contain ginsenosides and flavonoids - these bioactive factors could possibly have anti-cancer properties and they promote overall health, well-being, and physical performance. In fact, many people believe that it helps with their cognitive function, as well. The enhanced brain function is probably due to Ginseng's ability to raise the blood-oxygen levels. Ginseng is also known to have a positive effect on the body's immune system. This amazing herb not only increases your endurance, but it also assists the body during the recovery stages - whether mental or physical. For example, many people who are suffering from symptoms of withdrawal from drugs or alcohol, often find that ginseng helps calm them down during their recovery stages.
Anyway, there are so many good things that I could say about this particular herb, as it's truly one of my "most recommended" herbal products that you'll ever hear me promote.

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Personally, I recommend the Ginseng product from Nature's Bounty - Standardized Extract - Korean Ginseng - 100mg per capsule, as shown below:

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