Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why I use Coral Calcium...

Without all the hype, BS, and baloney, I'll tell ya why I use Coral Calcium. A few years ago, there were loads of infomercials out there boasting about the super-powers & cures that could be achieved by simply taking "the Coral." I've even heard wild claims that it could cure all diseases and even cancer, due to it being able to stabilize and/or raise the body's PH level to the ultimate anti-sickness level. Hell, I think they were even promoting that it could reverse the aging process, as well. Needless to say, these folks were throwing a big sales pitch in hopes of selling even more of their "special" product.

I'm not saying that by taking Coral Calcium it won't have some potential health benefits, but that's not why I take this product. I will say, however, that people who purchase regular calcium pills that contain nothing but calcium citrate and/or calcium carbonate are more or less just wasting their money unless they are taking Vitamin D and magnesium with it. Anyway, when most people hear about this mineral, except for the ones who were bombed with the infomercials I mentioned prior, they usually think "bone health." Even though adequate intakes of calcium, if properly absorbed and retained in the body, does seem to help with bone health and bone density, this is still not why I take this product.

Why I use Coral Calcium is not something that is usually mentioned on the product's label. I simply take it before bedtime to help me sleep and for central nervous system health. However, I don't just take any product; I take the one that has Vitamin D3, Magnesium, and Vitamin C added. When you mix a small amount of Magnesium in with the Calcium, which is absorbed better with the added Vitamin D, this makes for a mild, natural sleep aid that also helps relax the muscles, lower your blood pressure, and calm the nerves and, well, it works for me. You must remember, I'm not very big into taking artificial, man-made drugs - especially not for sleeping, and I'm not taking the hormonal supplement known as Melatonin, either. Even though Melatonin can be effective if used sparingly and when needed, I'm just not that big into intentionally altering my hormone levels - unless it is absolutely necessary.

Here's the Coral Calcium product that I recommend:

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  1. As time went on, I found it to be more effective to take magnesium and Vitamin D separately. I don't take calcium supplements of any type anymore, especially since a person can easily consume more than enough of that particular mineral via the American diet; ha! However, with that being said, the Coral Calcium capsules as described in the post above are still excellent to use as part of a natural sleep-aid; cheers!