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Monday, February 28, 2011

Surround yourself with positive Chi, Ch'i, Qi, Energy...

This post will briefly talk about the health benefits of being surrounded by things you like, and especially in your home or bedroom. In a moment, I'll provide a few links to other blog posts I wrote in the past, that may help give you some ideas or encourage you to add some creative items into your home, that is, if you're interested in stuff like that.

Anyway, there is a lot of information and studies about the beneficial effects on the body when it comes to bringing positive Chi (also known as Ch'i or Qi or "energy flow") into your living environment. After a long days work that is often filled with negative energy, it is good to come home to a place or a room that you feel at peace with and/or comfortable. There are so many people who practically come home from work or wherever, and walk into an even bigger mess. It is hard to "feel at home" if your house is in disarray, wouldn't you say? There is enough stress in daily life, so why not try to at least decorate a room or the entire house in a way that sort of represents your way of thinking or level of creativity. Hey, if bare walls and plain colors soothe you, then that is fine too. If you live in a house with a lot of people, you may be better off concentrating on your bedroom or recreation room (if you have one), etc.

Regardless of this subject matter, I'm not going to be getting into all that Feng shui talk or other Chinese philosophy about positive and negative Chi, mainly because this is a fairly simple concept. I don't see anything miraculous or complicated about why it is healthy to surround yourself with things you like. I think all that chatter about "energy flow" and "positive Chi" and "the force of Qi," is what turns this into a bunch of woo-woo babble and ultimately distracts people from the main point. Ha-ha!

Okay, now back to main reason for this post... Below, I'm going to provide 4 links to other blog posts I wrote elsewhere, that may or may not help give you some ideas for adding some positive energy into your home:

Metaphysical Crystals & Healing Stones - on that post, I briefly go over some of the concepts found within the study of metaphysical tools, charmstones, etc. However, even if all that "crystal healing" crap is just a bunch of marketing baloney, that makes no difference. You can find some spectacular crystals and stones from websites that sell this type of stuff. Personally, I don't use it for any magical practices. I simply use it to decorate the house and provide a positive, natural-looking atmosphere. Some of my favorites are the Amethyst crystal clusters, Rose Quartz, and Malachite.

Looking for Infinity Mirrors? - on that post, I provide a few images of these crazy mirrors along with a shopping link. If you decide to visit the Infinity Mirror post, you'll see how they could easily add some creativity and uniqueness to a person's home or room. Side note: These things are rather expensive, so don't expect to buy infinity mirrors for just a few dollars.

Himalayan Salt Products, Lamps, Tea Light Candle Holders - is a post about the health benefits of heated Himalayan salt - due to the release of negative ions into your home. Within that blog entry, I provided shopping links and images of some of the products that are currently available. I have several of these in my house, and they help provide a very natural look to your living space; very much worth the money!

Freshwater Aquariums - A scenic, decorative hobby... - is a blog post about starting a freshwater aquarium. I just sort of threw that link on here, in case it might interest anyone. Once you get used to managing your tank, you may end up buying more. They are truly beautiful to have, and they can bring positive energy into your home by adding a touch of nature to your room, etc. At one time, I had 4 tanks in the house and 3 was in my bedroom. My girlfriend at the time, said my room looked like "aqua world" or something. Ha-ha! However, fish tanks are not for everyone. In fact, for some folks, they will do anything but provide positive Chi and will be a big headache for the ones who are not responsible enough for this particular hobby. Basically, you need to make sure you really want to get into this hobby before diving in and wasting your money. I've seen some people who ended up with a lot of money spent for nothing because they let their tank become a sewer with dead fish - due to neglect and stupidity. Anyway...

Well, that's all the links for this post. I've used all those things mentioned above to decorate my home, along with other items such as ancient Egyptian stuff, martial art weaponry, dragons, etc. The bottom line: if possible, try to surround yourself with positive energy, Chi, Ch'i, Qi, or however you want to label it (ha-ha!), if at all possible - and especially in your home. Cheers!

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  1. Well, it has been nearly 5 years since I wrote this lovely, useless post. Not only has it not had many hits during that time, there seems to also be an absence of commentary, as well. I'm assuming that there isn't many people out there that is interested in this whole "surround yourself with positive Chi, Ch'i, Qi, Energy" gobbledygook... LOL!