Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Creatine is a waste of money - for most people!

I get so tired of hearing about the glory of creatine supplementation. A lot of weight lifters and bodybuilders take this particular supplement but, for the most part, it is way overrated.

Creatine helps your muscle cells retain water and, by doing what they call "creatine loading," it generally helps your body exert itself to the fullest. But does it help build muscle and does it help you gain muscle mass? Well, you will typically gain a few pounds from the supplementation itself, but that is only from water retention and not from actual tissue formation. Who in the hell wants that? Now, in some cases, it helps people work harder to achieve higher gains, even though this can normally be achieved without taking supplements of creatine.

Your body produces a lot of this good stuff, but vegetarians are often on the edge of not having enough - if they are participating in intense workouts for bodybuilding purposes. Personally, I think creatine is a complete waste of money for most people! Only unless you're vegetarian or are a hardcore bodybuilding freak with the ambition to achieve a steroid-like freaky build (even then, creatine is not your answer - maybe something illegal like steroids, perhaps), you may find this supplement worthy of the high dollar sign.

I usually detest the unnatural route, and especially when it can be avoided. For the ones that are looking for natural forms of creatine, it is abundantly found in most meats. I'd recommend red meat & fish, for example. Food like Salmon & Tuna, are really packin' the natural form of creatine, but I understand that not everyone eats fish all the time.

Since this supplement mainly hydrates your muscle cells, I see no need why a healthy eater would need this unless, like I said, you're a strict vegetarian or an intense weight lifter. Hence forth the title, "Creatine is a waste of money - for most people!"

If you need some extra energy, try ginseng as an herbal supplement and make sure you're eating healthy while also getting enough protein - and Zinc & Magnesium intake is also important during physical fitness training. You can get most of the minerals (that help support muscle growth and a high level of testosterone) you need by adding nuts, seeds, and legumes to your diet.

Anyway, be wary of the hype and don't waste your money on crap that you don't need. Cheers!

...Need a natural source of Creatine? Eat this:

Pink Salmon

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---End of Post "Creatine is a waste of money - for most people!"

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