Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Working Out your Lower Body to Build Bigger Arms?

This is not like most of the typical informative and/or physical fitness-related posts found within this health blog, as this particular subject would be better suited for a Q & A (questions and answers) section, albeit I decided to post it anyway.

The concept behind "working out your lower body to build bigger arms," is not that far-fetched of an idea, although I'm still undecided if it really matters that much.

Basically, in a thumbnail, many health & fitness gurus think that when trying to build a bigger upper body, you will actually benefit and increase muscle mass in other areas, if you work your lower body.  The reason for this, is that a lot of these people claim that your overall level of testosterone will be boosted due to pushing your body to create more total muscle mass and so on.

There is definitely some debate about this muscle displacement theory, and I'm yet to be convinced as I have seen it work in numerous ways for different folks.  I sort of relate this to the old concept that what works for some, may not work for others.  Some people, unless they are taking illegal steroids, growth hormones or natural testosterone boosters, will only reach a certain level of this muscle-building hormone - no matter what they do.  If you are working your lower and upper body out in an equal fashion, the amount of food, protein and time for your body to grow, will be spread out fairly evenly, in theory.  If total body workouts have the ability to boost the size of your chest, back or arms, then why are there people out there who ignore leg workouts and still have massive upper bodies accompanied with small legs?

On the flip side, if you seem to be stuck in progress or peaked out, adding different exercises to your workout regimen, may very well boost your gains in other areas.

Instead of me thoroughly giving my opinion about this concept, I would really like for others that have tried this method, to comment on this post.  Once again, this is more or less like a Q & A type of blog entry, so don't be shy...  Feel free to comment about what has or hasn't worked for you, when experimenting with this concept.  At any rate, good luck to anyone that tries to maintain their physical fitness levels - and try to stay motivated; cheers!

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  1. I was actually discussing this with a friend last night and found it a little hard to believe that working one area of your body would actually help increase another parts muscle growth (even if some of the theory does make sense). I also agree totally on your flip-side theory of if it does work then how come these people with massive upper bodys still have such small lower body?

  2. Yeah, I think this really depends on the individual. I mean, for some folks, they may need to work larger muscle groups, such as the legs, to trigger higher testosterone levels that may help also build bigger arms, etc. However, common sense says that if you work out a certain area of your body hard enough and have an ample supply of nutrients and hormones, that your muscles will grow to their max (within natural limits, of course) without having to work additional areas, regardless of what this theory claims. Hmm, either way, I can definitely see how this is a debatable subject...

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