Saturday, May 14, 2011

Natural ways to help fight symptoms of alcohol withdrawal...

Of course, if you're suffering from alcohol withdrawal symptoms, it usually means that you've been abusing alcohol in such a way, that your body has become too accustomed to it; this can lead to many other problems down the road - not just health related, either. However, not everybody who suffers from alcohol withdrawal symptoms end up with a chronic problem, as many folks are just going through bad times, get too caught up into the "party scene," or just have occasional bouts where they crave massive amounts of alcohol, binge drink, etc.

At any rate, this post is not about finding you mental help for your current addictions, psychological assistance to combat personal problems, nor is it recommending "alcoholic anonymous" sessions; it is mainly about finding natural ways to help fight the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol - if you do have this liquefied debacle.

Personally, I'm a big beer drinker and I've been drinking alcohol for at least 15 years with at least 14 of those years being on a daily basis. But during that time, I have had my moments where I would get involved with the "hard stuff" and especially vodka, so I know all about the temporary withdrawal symptoms (when you overdo it for an extended period of time) and how problematic they can be - when it comes to fighting the symptoms, nervousness, jitters, etc. It totally sucks, no doubt about it, but for me, the easiest way to "fight" the withdrawal symptoms was to quit drinking hard liqueur straight out of the damn bottle like some lunatic who is seeking a higher octane fuel supply. Ha-ha!

I'm glad I haven't had this withdrawal problem in a long while, but when thinking about some of the posts I have written over the last several months, many of the supplements I have mentioned, really do help calm the nerves, fight withdrawal symptoms that relate to the central nervous system - along with many other helpful benefits.

This entry is simply going to be a "resource link post" that will provide links to the pages where I have promoted certain natural supplements (no prescription drugs) that will help the individuals who suffer from drug-related withdrawal symptoms (like alcohol), and perhaps will ease people into the quitting stage or if anything, just calm them down a bit and improve their overall sense of well-being...

Natural ways to help fight symptoms of alcohol withdrawal:

* Health Benefits of Taurine

* Korean Ginseng Extract

* Why I use Coral Calcium...

* Magnolia Extract - Fight Stress & Calm Down

* Now, if you're looking for a natural way to help cleanse and/or detoxify your liver from all of the hardcore drinking, visit:

* If you're feeling in better spirits, have no withdrawal issues whatsoever, actually try to drink alcohol in moderation, and are also curious about some of the positive effects that can be attained from this delightful substance, visit the blog post "Health Benefits of Beer & Alcohol."


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