Sunday, March 27, 2011

Male Enhancement Pills do not Enlarge!

I get so tired of seeing silly adverts about "male enhancement." It is so pathetic, hearing about all these claims that taking a few pills can turn a miserable, small penis into some colossal cock. If you're that gullible and have the money, go right ahead and spend a fortune on these male enhancement pills and be sure to drop by upon your success, and leave your testimonials here, in the comment field. Ha-ha!

Personally, I'm glad that I don't suffer from a small penis. However, I can't accredit my currently proud penile status to pills. Hmm, it must have been from all the excess pulling and jerking I did at an earlier age. Perhaps I stretched the sucker... Ha! If you'd like to read a fictional short story that I wrote a while back, that praises such things, visit: "Why do people keep staring at my cock?"

Anyway, this is not the typical post found at the Health & Fitness Blog, but like I mentioned in the past, the 'health subject' covers a lot of topics.

Okay, now back to the subject at hand: If you're seeking methods of penis enlargement, you may find a variety of exercises, pumps, surgery, and pills that claim to help you with this particular anatomic issue. ...By my own personal experience in the past, using your mind along with physical routines, stretches, etc., can actually work - but don't expect to be a mule within days. A slow, semi-steady growth of penile tissue takes a long while to achieve, and I don't recommend anything for your methods of growth either - especially since you may injure yourself during the process if you're careless or too rough and whatnot.

Also, the "I have a really Big One" feat is slightly overrated. Trust me, if you're seriously packing a large pole, many women will find that you are too large for sex and/or there will be certain sexual positions and angles of penetration that you will be limited at - due to the female encountering pain from your manhood. Don't you just hate that, when it happens? For example, the missionary position with the girl's legs up may be very limited if you're going too deep. If you run into too much trouble with your truly enhanced meatpole, you can always be a chubby chaser like me and go for the girls with really big backsides. Oh crap, I'm getting way off subject here...

Now, back to the asinine male enhancement pills that do not enlarge: If they would, like many products have done within this genre, just change the name or claim to be a "male performance enhancer" or a "testosterone booster," then I wouldn't have any problem with it. But what usually happens, they put loads of exotic herbs and whatever else in these pills or capsules, make huge claims, then jack up the price for the suckers with minuscule genitalia to waste their money on. I have a lot of knowledge in health science, fitness, nutrition, herbs, vitamins, etc., so I can simply read the content label and laugh about some of these miraculous claims. Besides, looking at bikini babes and sexy models, should work better than these silly herbal pills, right? Ha!

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with taking supplements that might enhance your sexual performance. I'm just saying, don't waste your money on bogus products. To cut to the chase and to save a bunch of chatter from me and money for you, in my opinion, a male would be better off just taking a regular supplement of Ginseng Extract and be done with it. From there, you can try other mind over body techniques along with physical routines and hope for the best. Good luck to ya! Oh, I must say, as sappy as it may sound, the quality of the relationship between two people should still matter the most.

Well, I guess some girls just prefer big guns:

---End of Post "Male Enhancement Pills do not Enlarge!"

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