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Fight Arthritis & Inflammation - Black Cherry Extract

This particular supplement has been around for a while, although, when compared to most other supplements found on the market, the known health benefits of Black Cherry Extract is fairly new. It has proven to be exceptionally beneficial for the ones who suffer from chronic arthritis, inflammation, and occasional bouts of joint pain, etc. It is actually one of those silent remedies that, for whatever reason, hasn't been overly marketed or touted as some miracle pill - for the most part. With the pharmaceutical industries thriving on drug sales, I'm sure many folks would rather you just take your standard, prescription arthritis and anti-inflammatory drugs instead of trying herbal remedies to fight your ailments, but hey, what do I know? I'm not a doctor or anything of the like; I just try to avoid drugs and chemicals the best I can (unless they are recreational or for fun, like alcohol - ha!), so if in doubt, use your own judgement or as they say "ask you doctor." Blah-blah...

Anyway, on this post, I'm just going to make a few comments, drop down a couple links that relate to Black Cherry, and stumble right along...... Oh, if you're interested in reading more about anti-inflammatory properties, check out the post I wrote here:
"Heart Healthy - Anti-Inflammatory Sources"

Before we go any further, you may want to read about the Black Cherry tree. Here's an excerpt from Wikipedia:
"The fruit is suitable for making jam, cherry pies and has some use in flavoring liqueurs; they are also a popular flavoring for sodas and used in many ice creams. The black cherry is commonly used instead of sweet cherries in order to achieve a sharper taste. It is also used in cakes which involve dark chocolate such as a Black Forest gateau and as garnishes to drinks like cocktails. [As you can see, the black cherries from this splendid tree have many uses outside of its recently discovered anti-inflammatory properties albeit in my opinion, the health benefits from taking the extracts in pill form outweigh any of these prior uses of black cherry.]
The timber is also very valuable, perhaps the premier cabinetry timber of the U.S., traded as "cherry." It is known for its strong red color and high price. Its weight per cubic meter when dried is around 580 kg. The wood is also used for cooking and smoking foods, where it imparts a unique flavor."
You can read more about the tree itself, here:

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Anyway, back to the extract that helps fight arthritis and inflammation: I've tried this before, and it really seems to work. You don't have to be arthritic or anything to need or use this supplement. It acts as an antioxidant, thins the blood to reduce inflammation, and regardless of any medical data, it is black cherry concentrate. Many of you know that berries have an amazing amount of health benefits, so really, if you have a few extra bucks, it wouldn't hurt to buy this supplement from a reliable manufacturer. I've only tried the Natural Brand from GNC, 250mg. per capsule. However, I only take it on occasions, when I feel the need.

Speaking of inflammation, it doesn't have to be joint pain. In fact, inflammation can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, etc., in the long run. Many things in life can cause stress hormones to release certain chemicals in the body that often causes inflammation. Hell, a poor diet, having too much acid in the body (lowered PH), mental stress, sleep deprivation, and so on, can all raise the risk of internal or external inflammation. Black Cherry extract is not the only natural solution, either. If you follow the link I gave a few moments ago (Heart Healthy - Anti-Inflammatory Sources), you'll find a few other alternatives.

Well, enough talk for now. If you're interested in possibly buying some Black Cherry supplements, I browsed through and dug up a search page....

Click the Image Below, to Shop for Black Cherry Extracts:
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