Sunday, February 27, 2011

Motivation is the key to any successful regimen!

This topic could go on forever, with all the failed and successful regimens that relied, lived or died while being solely based and dependent upon something called "motivation." For starters, we have all heard of the losers who set "New Year's Resolutions" year after year, only to get slightly motivated for a day, week or whatever, as they quickly fall right back into their old habits and wait until the next year to "try it again." Try? What is that? The term 'try' actually sounds quite lame, even when compared to other synonyms such as 'attempt' or 'endeavor'... WTF?

Since this is a health-related post, I'll "try" to keep other non-related issues, politics, and certain circumstances out of it, even though many things in life relate to this subject: "Motivation is the key to any successful regimen!"

Okay, so what's your problem: Are you tired of the same old workout? Do you lack vigor? Are you having trouble staying with anything that might involve a routine or a systematic approach? Do you find it difficult or a task just to get out of bed every day? Are you currently suffering from depression? Do you need to take a pill for every ailment that comes your way? Are you a procrastinator that almost has to be forced against your will just to do anything? Well, if you answered "yes" to any of those questions, you may be suffering from something called "lack of motivation."

Damn, I'm really getting off base here, even though I "tried" to keep it health & fitness related. Anyway, the point is: Finding motivation isn't much different than just waking the fuck up and smacking your own ass. Simply put: There is no need to search for what motivates you, it is just a matter of going after what you've been too lazy to get. If you need mediums of motivation outside of your own brain, then certain types of music or motivational movies may also help, but regardless, it really is about getting off your ass, just like the picture below demonstrates:

Well, this post may have lost its original motivation to convey the message that motivation is the key to any successful regimen, but it doesn't mean that it has lost its sense of humor......

Below, I'll post a few random images that I gathered from the web, to depict some of the concepts found from the term motivation. Click on any of the images below, to enlarge for a better view. Enjoy......

Well, I hope you enjoyed this pictorial post of motivational concepts. I meant to get into the methods of finding motivation for working out and/or physical fitness training, but I sort of lost motivation along the way and started leaning more towards the relaxed, humorous tact of communication. Cheers!
---End of Post "Motivation is the key to any successful regimen!"

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