Monday, February 28, 2011

Buy Motivational Posters for your Workout Room

Yesterday, I did a post entitled "Motivation is the key to any successful regimen!" I started to speak about finding various things you could use to motivate your workouts, but I sort of lost motivation along the way and just started posting humorous images. Ha-ha!

Anyway, today I'm speaking about finding motivational posters for your workout room, that is, if you're lucky enough to have a separate room that is solely used for physical fitness training. This doesn't apply to the ones who use a gym, or have their training equipment spread out throughout the house, etc. But, if you do have a workout room, it might not be a bad idea to buy a few posters that really get your macho, ego-filled, testosteronic engine revved up.

You know, all this poster talk reminds me of when I was a teenager. I had all these hot babes plastered on the wall in the room I would lift weights and, on occasions, it would backfire on me. Instead of looking at them as I was doing the repetitions and sets of exercises, while imagining being built and attractive enough for them to want me, I would sometimes just start fantasizing a little too much and would end up leaving the room before even starting and working something else out, then saying "the hell with it" and cancel the weight lifting session for the day. Ha-ha!

However, for the most part, it is generally a good idea to have some motivational posters in the area that you do your exercises.

Okay, now to the heart of the post. I was browsing through Amazon for some posters. ...Now they'll list 5 or 6 million posters in their search results, but you can always narrow it down by using more specifics in the search bar. I'll leave that up to you, but I will provide a few images of some of the more attractive posters I found on the first 3 or 4 pages of search results. After that, I'll provide a link that you can use to start your search from here. By the way, if you do go to buy some posters, don't worry about spending much money. I seen several really good ones for only 2 or 3 dollars, etc.

Click on any image below, to enlarge for a better view:

[I'm sorry, but I had to remove all of the motivational images I originally had on this post, due to the potential violation of Google AdSense TOS agreement.  However, if you follow the Amazon link below, you can find all of 'em again and many more!] 

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