Friday, December 10, 2010

Protein is Overrated...

When it comes to bodybuilding and/or any hype that involves slogans such as "how to build muscle mass," and so on, protein intake is important, but is also highly overrated.
I think most of the hype originally came from marketing material of the past, that used this "you should ingest tons of protein to gain muscle" BS, all via the attempt to sale more protein shakes, supplements, powders, amino acids, etc. From there, which it spawned, the misinformed began to inform the uniformed, gullible suckers with an open wallet......
Due to me being constantly surrounded by retail slop, poppycock, and marketing swill on a regular basis, whether it be online or offline, I understand the requirements for some of the concepts and hogwash behind a good sales pitch, but it always vexes me to no end when people start stating such asinine claims as if they were an actuality and/or a fact.

Unless you're taking steroids or on growth hormones, the body can't synthesize large intakes of protein and send it all into the muscle fibers for quick results. Building muscle takes time, and wasting your money on all of these protein shakes & supplements that suppose to be providing this made-up, fictitious "required amount" of protein, is utter baloney. I've heard people say that they need 1 gram of this "stuff" per pound of body weight. ...So, if you weigh 200lbs., some of these mislead folks think you'll need to consume 200 grams of protein per day! Get real! For one, we don't all have the money to buy expensive meats, pills, and protein powders, for example. Secondly, no matter how hard you work out, the recovery stage still takes time and eating a diet that is naturally ample in protein, will definitely be sufficient unless, like I said before, you are on growth hormones and/or steroids. You simply don't need to ingest hundreds of grams of protein a day! The whole notion is absolute nonsense!

Plus, when you do consume an enormous amount of protein that the body obviously doesn't need all at once, you'll just burn it off as energy or store it as fat. And let me tell ya, protein is not a clean fuel source; it brings 4 calories per gram like carbohydrates, but it strains the body more to break it down into usable energy - as opposed to simple & complex carbohydrates and saturated & unsaturated fats/lipids. When you don't get enough carbohydrates in your diet, for example, such as the diet plans that consist of mostly meat, your body starts to accumulate toxic substances in the blood like ketones, due to your body having to utilize protein and body fat for energy. The toxins from this process can also lead to halitosis and excess acid in the body, along with other unwanted issues that I won't even bother to mention......

---The bottom line is: Quit wasting your money on the hype; put in the natural hard work & effort that is required, and use some damn common sense!

---End of Post "Protein is Overrated"

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