Monday, December 13, 2010

Exercises for the computer geeks...

...Holy Cyber-God, what a sorry subject we have stumbled upon. Yes, the inevitable problems that many computer geeks often face, is poor blood circulation (except when they are, well, doing WHAT at the computer? LOL! Oh, never mind the circulation thingy...), a non-active social life with people in real-life scenarios (that can be a good thing, at times), a lack of outdoor hobbies, a sorry status of physical fitness, and so on......

Welcome to the typical computer geek's den, without all the junk and excess electronics (it's just a picture, for an example; but, is this your home?): By the way, I use the term 'geek' loosely, as that is just a general stereotype for the electronic lover, etc. No offense or insult intended; plus, y'all are often the ones inventing cool stuff, stimulating the economy, and/or making all the money online. Cheers! Anyway......

Okay, now that we have established the whereabouts of our electronic haven that feeds us the Internet, we need to find a possible point of being able to at least fit in some exercises while you live your life at the computer, besides the common jerks & twists that may happen upon certain erotic web searches. Hmm..., that could have been an ambiguous statement, but I also say that for many reasons. I recently did a web search, before typing about this subject, and I found loads of "how-to" websites and BS blogs, all talking about "how to exercise at your computer" and "workout while at your computer desk," along with so many other phrases that related to this subject.

What I found, was a heaping load of steaming dung that was a waste of time to read. I mean really, some of these nutcases were talking about "doing the twist," and raising this and that, squirming here & there, jerking up & down, and I even read how some people recommend to "march your legs in the air" while on the computer. Ha-ha! What a load of shit! It sounded more like they were promoting you to squirm, wriggle, and shake in your computer seat as if you either had a bad anal rash, genital problems, or pubic lice... Get real!

That's what this post is about, getting real. Lets face it: there is only so many exercises that you can do at your computer desk, that are reasonable and effective.

I will not even remotely consider that you do the odd things that these so-called online "writers" tell you to do, because I have better things to write about than filling web space with asinine statements. Anyway, as you should know, if you want to truly exercise, get off the damn computer and go do it! BUT, there are a few simple things that work quite well, if you're stuck at the seat for an extended amount of time.
Have a dumbbell near your computer station, desk, whatever. Personally, I have a 40lb. dumbbell on standby, at all times while using my computer, in case I get frustrated or angry, for example. Anyway, with the dumbbell or dumbbells, you can do curls and overhead presses, while listening to music or in between web searches. A dumbbell is versatile, and you can throw in some arm raises for your deltoids, as well. Also, have a nice pair of hand grippers near by. I recommend the "Captains of Crush Hand Grippers," but choose whatever you desire. Those two things alone (dumbbells & hand grips), are about the best you can do at your desk. Anything else, you are either going to have to bring heavy gym equipment to your station, look like a fool while trying to "do the twist" at your seat - like other people often recommend (ha-ha!), or you're simply going to have to just cut your monitor off and go workout, take up an outdoor hobby, and whatnot, dear geeks.
I hope you get the point that I'm actually trying to make here......

---End of Post "Exercises for the Computer Geeks"

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  1. This post used to actually get a bit of traffic, back in the day. I don't know what happened. What? Which one is it? Are there less computer geeks out there nowadays or is it simply due to people becoming so lazy at their desk that the idea of performing exercises appalls them? LOL!