Friday, December 17, 2010

Easy ways to add Omega-3 to your Diet

First, before I even mention some easy diet changes to get this particular fatty acid into your system, I must comment about the pill form of this substance that is normally very easy to find at your local health stores, supermarkets, or pharmacy.

Omega-3 capsules is one of the few supplements that come with marketing hype, during the last several years, that is actually worth the money. Pills that are overly advertised usually end up being worthless, but this stuff is actually very beneficial to your body (improves mental health, joint health, has anti-inflammatory properties, promotes heart & circulatory health, and so on), in many ways. You can get Omega-3 capsules in the form of Salmon Oil, Krill Oil or basic Fish Oil, along with other sources such as Flaxseed oil, etc. Personally, I just go with the typical Fish Oil capsules that are purified to eliminate Mercury and are commonly derived from anchovy, mackerel, and sardines. Hey, it is Omega-3 that I'm wanting, so why spend all the extra money on a product that claims that it has a "better source" of Omega-3 from krill as opposed to fish or whatever, when it is basically the same thing...ya know? ...Yeah, that Omega-3 stuff. Below, I'm going to type about a few easy ways to add Omega-3 to your diet without supplementation.

---Here's a quick, easy way to add Omega-3 to your diet if you do very much pan frying: change your oil, if you've been using regular vegetable oil. Switch over to Canola oil (but even that oil is debatable due to the way it's made), which contains these beneficial fatty acids as opposed to the common vegetable oil, corn oil, etc. However, I wouldn't recommend Canola oil for deep frying or high temperature situations, since this oil will break down quicker and actually do more harm than good if subjected to high-temp conditions albeit some people strongly recommend it for deep-frying (dang, can the health-conscious community agree on anything?). Even though it doesn't contain Omega-3, I use Peanut oil for deep frying because it can withstand a lot more heat than most oils, and this means it will take longer to break down and create toxic substances and/or undergo unhealthy molecular changes.

---If you eat eggs, buy the ones that contain Omega-3. Don't worry, you'll know which ones do because it will be advertised and printed all over the container for obvious reasons.
Eggs produced by chicken that are fed a diet of greens and insects produce higher levels of these beneficial fatty acids as opposed to the chickens that are fed the typical diet of corn or soybeans, and whatnot.

---If you enjoy eating seeds & nuts, throw in some Walnuts, as they contain a decent amount of Omega-3 and are very easy to consume.

---Eat fish or seafood weekly. Yes, the biggest supplier of Omega-3 is cold-water fish and seafood. Yep, it can be quite expensive, but not all seafood products are. Try to stay away from, or eat less often, the fish that are higher up on the food chain like the predatory fish, since they can contain high levels of mercury along with other unwanted toxins due to polluted waters, etc. Personally, I like all types of fish & seafood, but I generally eat more catfish, salmon, and shrimp, than anything, but I also like Tilapia, Flounder, Cod, Pollock, and so on.

---Now, back to the supplements... One of the most convenient "easy ways" to add Omega-3 into your diet plan, is by taking Fish Oil capsules. The bottle usually recommends taking 3 pills (1 gram each) a day, but I only take one capsule a day, since I regularly incorporate other ways, that I mentioned above, to get this particular fatty acid into my body. Luckily for me, I enjoy most types of food, so I have no problem getting Omega-3 into my diet by intentionally eating certain things for this very reason, throughout the week. However, if you're eating all the wrong types of food and/or junk, a little extra Omega-3 added to your diet will not do much good, since it is all about the Omega-3 vs. Omega-6 ratio, so you might want to consider what crap you've been ingesting in between being health-conscious.

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