Monday, November 8, 2010

My Favorite Tea with Clover Honey

In my opinion, people need to try and steer clear from all these soft drinks, sodas, cokes, or whatever you like to call them, since they are loaded with refined simple sugars. Natural sugars found in fruits and honey, for example, are so much better for the body. In fact, the abuse of "table sugar" often leads to Type 2 Diabetes along with other problems. It just isn't natural, to pour sugar down your throat. You know, all that good stuff like cakes, pies, candy......uh, yeah, you get the drift.

Anyway, on this post, I'm going to provide the recipe for my favorite tea. It contains 3 different types of tea leaves and two different forms of sweetener.

I usually buy Lipton tea; the small bags. This is the size bag that you use 1 per cup, if you're making hot tea. I lower the 1:1 ratio when steeping the bags for cold tea, since it cooks longer and I leave the bags in the water until I bring it to a boil.

I have a clean gallon container half full of cold water, set aside.
Fill a medium saucepan two-thirds full of water.
Add about 4 ounces of Clover Honey to the water, along with about 5 tablespoons of the evil table sugar.
I add 6 bags of Lipton Black Tea, 4 bags of Lipton Green Tea, and 2 bags of Celestial Seasonings Chamomile Tea.
I cut the stove on high and cook until it comes to a boil.
I quickly cut the stove off, grab the tea bags by their strings and dip them into the cold water in my gallon container (this helps get more from your tea bags as opposed to just throwing them in the trash); discard the bags.
Then pour the hot brew into the gallon jug and add whatever water is needed, to fill the rest of the container.

Of course, this tea mixture tastes its best when it has set over night, and is really cold. But, if you're in a hurry, just add ice and enjoy. I also, on occasions, replace the Chamomile tea with White Tea. If you don't know, white tea doesn't have to be brewed as long and it has a smoother taste with way less caffeine than black. I'm sure most of you realize the health benefits of drinking tea, especially from the flavonoids and antioxidants, so I won't waste time talking about that right now......

Now, what about this Clover Honey?
It is my personal favorite because it has a milder, slightly floral taste to it, unlike any I have ever tried. Clover Honey is produced by bees who mostly feed off of the nectar of clover plants. Canada, United States, and New Zealand make large amounts of this particular type of honey and it is easily found on the market. Since quality will vary from one honey product to the next, at least try to find the ones that say "pure" or "raw" when shopping for honey. You don't want to buy honey that has been overly processed since that would remove a lot of the health benefits from natural honey and it also won't taste the same.

Well, this has been a sweet post. Oh, enjoy your tea! It comes highly recommended. I usually drink it before and after my beer-drinking sessions. Ha-ha! Cheers!

Lipton Tea is good for ya! ---End of Post "My Favorite Tea with Clover Honey"

Update:  Pesticides in Tea & Coffee

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