Sunday, November 7, 2010

Methods for Building Powerful Forearms

If you're involved in strength training, body building and/or upper body fitness, you may or may not overlook your forearms as a target area. A lot of weight lifters, for example, assume that their forearms get enough work through secondary means - from the variety of exercises that they perform while targeting their major muscle groups. This is somewhat true, but there are methods out there that are geared strictly for building powerful forearms and crushing grip strength.

Wrist Curls are known as a good forearm exercise, but I've never been a big fan of this tedious motion. I would recommend hand grippers over performing wrist curls, any day.
If you're looking for the best hand grippers in the world, at least that I have run across, visit the "Captains of Crush - Build Forearm & Hand Strength" page. I'd purchase a couple, for starters; just get one with less tension for higher reps, and then a tougher one for strength training.

Regular arm curls (using dumbbells or a bar), used in bicep training, does work parts of the forearm. However, if you're looking to build more explosive forearms, I'd recommend that you throw in some Reverse Curls into the mix. This type of curl, is where you use an overhand grip as opposed to the typical underhand, hence the name "Reverse Curls."

I also find that arm raises can really give the forearms a good burn, when working the deltoids. While standing straight, using a heavy dumbbell in each hand and starting from the hips, slowly raise the dumbbells to shoulder level and then back down to the starting position. Do as many reps as you feel comfortable with. You can raise the weights sideways or in front of you, as it is effective either way. I'd just alternate to get a fuller range of motion.

There is another method for building powerful forearms, and this is called "Thick Bar Training." You can read more about this, along with other methods for strength training, here:
If you have a workout that consists of a variety of muscle building exercises and you throw in a few of these additional methods for building up lower arm and hand strength, you should be well on your way to having powerful, impressive, Popeye Forearms of Steel.

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