Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Can you use a push mower instead of a riding mower?

Well folks, at least where I'm from, it is that time of year again where everything is growing, blooming, thriving, stinging, biting, and life is in full swing. This is also the time of year when many people dread mowing their yard, for whatever reason, although most humanoids today use a riding mower - even for the small jobs!

I have several peeves when it comes to other people and their mowing philosophy, but two of them really stand out. Number one, is the lawn mowing lunatics who mow their yard every two days (thanks to the good ole riding mower) - due to an obvious obsessive compulsive disorder, among other things. You can read all about what I think of those certain individuals, on another blogspot blog of mine, here: http://anti-dolt.blogspot.com/2010/05/lawn-mowing-lunatics-obsessive.html

My second peeve about other people when it comes to mowing, is the ones who have tiny yards or even normal-sized yards, but refuse to use a push mower because they are too lazy. I'm not talking about the individuals who are disabled, old, or have huge yards.

This post isn't a rant, but it is aggravating to watch people who are overweight, out of shape, lazy or whatever, refuse to exert any physical effort whatsoever, but then talk about how they wished they were in better condition or health. WTF?

This is a very simple question, and if answered right, many individuals might actually get a little exercise this year. Can you use a push mower instead of a riding mower? Can you? Do you enjoy being lazy? Have you gave up on life and just feel like being lethargic is the best path to take in life? Think about it... I really think some people should sell their damn riding mower, go buy a push mower, get a little exercise this year and quit whining about cutting the grass or how they sweat too much in the hot sun. For some folks, mowing the yard is about the only time they will do anything outdoors each year, which is not a very healthy lifestyle - to stay indoors 24/7.

I'm not your mother nor am I your physical trainer, but have any of you "less-than-motivated" people ever thought about getting a little more active? I know, technology, computers and other convenient technological advances out there can make a lot of us lazy or less active at times, but some people would be surprised at how much better they would feel if they moved around more and/or did more stuff outdoors.

Other benefits to push mowing a yard besides using a riding mower, is the fact that it saves gas. The smaller motor on a push mower doesn't have to work as hard, especially because it is lighter and it doesn't have to carry your dependent ass around the yard, and just takes way less gasoline per job as opposed to the big, expensive riding yard machine that many of you have become fond of. In my opinion, push mowing a yard also allows a person to think about a lot of things and sort of temporarily clears the mind, almost medicinal at times, as you constantly go through the rhythmic patterns of mowing back & forth, left & right...

Anyway, I know that most people in general are going to do whatever they want, no matter what they are aware of, told about, or whatever. But if one person could read this post and say, "you know, I really do need more exercise and I really don't need a riding mower for my yard," and actually sell it and start using a push mower this year, it will be worth the ramble. At any rate, just dropping a link down to my "lawn mowing lunatics" post, still made this entry worth writing. Ha-ha!

Okay folks, now try getting off your backside a little more this year and, if you get really motivated and have the land space, you may even want to put out a garden and grow your own food, as well. Enjoy the nice weather, while it's here......

---End of Post "Can you use a push mower instead of a riding mower?"


  1. This is a very good post. I totally agree. I know I am replying a year from when you posted, but the situation still applies every season. I also think that self-propelled mowers are not a real work out. I have several houses in my neighborhood that has less than a 1/4 of an acre yet they use a self propelled. I understand if you are older or have health issues, but when you are in your 20's, 30's, or even up to 40's I think it is ridiculous that you need an engine to push the mower for you. Using a powered pushmower (non self propelled) can be a good weekly cardio activity. I personally think it is less boring that a regular work out. Think smart people.
    This also remind me of people who always try to find the closet parking spot to the store's door. Really? those few extra steps are going to be a problem?

  2. That's true, a little push mower exercise is good for a person in more ways than one; thanks for stopping by and commenting... Cheers!

  3. Excellent post, I just went out and purchased 2 push mowers, on for me and one for my wife, simply to get more excercise as my current job has me sitting behind a desk most of the day

  4. And I forgot to mention that I just turned 40 this year..I have over an acre..

  5. Excellent! It's nice to hear that you chose against the riding mower... With over an acre of land to mow, you and your wife should get a nice workout; cheers!

  6. I completely agree! It's nice to see others who see the same thing. I'm 36 and I'm going to use a push mower as long as I possibly can. My dad is 68 and mows his large yard with a push mower. He just last year broke down and bought a self propelled because he has back pain and his yard is really hilly. I'm constantly seeing young guys in their 20's who use riders on their small lawns. Ridiculous! I have a neighbor in his 70's who is in better shape than most 30 year olds I know. He uses a push mower. I see it as a persons whole outlook on life can be either to challenge themselves or chose laziness. Our bodies were designed to work and that's when they perform best.