Friday, January 21, 2011

Picking out the right Heavy bag / Speed bag Stand

If you have the room or an outdoor garage with lots of open space, these things are an excellent addition to your physical fitness routine. Also, if you're big into martial arts or boxing, using a speed bag and heavy bag can greatly help with your technique, power, and form.

But, this particular post isn't about the types of speed/heavy bags, it is about picking out the right stand for you. And most importantly, is your room in good enough condition to have one?

First, lets get a few things out of the way. If you have an old house, you may need to check a few things in the room you plan on putting it - before buying one of these stands. One must remember, there are a lot of vibrations and banging going on, when using such things - especially the heavy bag.

Check the floor, for starters. Some old buildings have weak spots in the floor. If you find some in the area you were going to place the stand, then just forget it or find somewhere else. In addition to the weight of the stand and the heavy bag, you'll have to place weighted plates or weights at the base of the stand, just to keep it somewhat anchored down. If you got weak floors, this adds up to a lot of weight and could possibly end up causing major damage that could have been avoided.
Next, check the ceiling. Yes, I said the ceiling. I know, you're not going to be doing anything up there or hanging your bag from it since you got a stand, but remember what I said about all those vibrations from the impacts of beating the shit out of your heavy bag? Generally, the speed bag shouldn't be of any worry, as long as it is on a sturdy stand. Anyway, I know for a fact that a weak ceiling will give way if you vigorously use a heavy bag in the same room very often. I've seen it happen before. In fact, a few years ago, I ended up selling my heavy bag / speed bag stand, mainly because of having a weak ceiling. True, I could have got the ceiling fixed, but it wasn't my house; ha!

Okay, now that you have checked for the obvious weak spots in your room, lets get on with picking out the right type of stand...

What do you want if for? If you would like to have a decent sized heavy bag to beat the hell out of - just to relieve pent-up frustrations, or you are mainly interested in developing punching power, or you're real tight for room, you may just want to buy a punching bag / heavy bag stand, as shown below:

[Click the image below, to view a wide selection of punching bag stands]
Okay, now if you're more into the sport of boxing and/or would like to have a combo stand that comes equipped with a speed bag, looking to improve hand-eye-coordination, and if you have plenty of floor space, you may be interested in this type, as shown below:
[Click the image below, to view a wide selection of punching bag stands]
Actually, if you really are just interested in the speed bag, you can buy it by itself. They are often wall-braced, and I just don't trust them (when using in the house) unless they are attached to a stand, but that's just me. It's your call and these things can be quite pricey, so make sure you really want what you select or have the room for it, when picking out the right heavy bag / speed bag stand.

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