Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gain Muscle Mass & Power without weights

This is a fairly simple concept, yet it has become overshadowed by all the marketing hype and advanced methods of training, down through the years. True, using those lovely cast iron plates and weights and/or bulky gym equipment, proves to be very effective when it concerns gaining power and muscle mass. However, the traditional methods of using no weights can also be very effective and, depending on the type of physical fitness you're seeking, the old school methods may be better for certain types of gains.

Lets say, for example, you are into martial arts. Piling on muscle using the bench press and leg press machine, may just slow you down in combat. You need to be strong, quick, and agile in martial arts, and by doing exercises without dead weights and by performing the ones that involve your own body weight instead, it will be more effective for your desired goals. Plus, many of these exercises without weights, also boost your flexibility, and so on.  'Click Here' for information about Human-shaped Punching Bags.

Okay, lets forget about combat or even sports for that matter. Many folks just simply don't have the room for all this equipment nor can they afford pricey gym memberships. That reason alone, is why many folks (who are interested in physical fitness) seek to gain muscle mass & power without weights - using whatever method possible.

You know, this blog post reminds me of the movie "Rocky 4," when Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) fought the big Russian (Dolph Lundgren). In the movie, Rocky trained using all natural methods while the over-sized, steroid-taking Russian used all this high-tech machinery and fancy gym equipment. Rocky ended up super quick, extra strong for his body weight, and had excellent endurance; the Russian was bulky, herculean, slow, and pampered. I must add, though, I probably wouldn't tell some steroid-freak like the Russian in that movie, that they were pampered, well, at least not to their face - ha! Anyway, the point is, this stuff just doesn't only happen in the movies. Many of your best athletes and Olympic champions use training tactics that doesn't involve all this sophisticated equipment and cast iron weights.

If you're more interested in circuit training and/or don't have time for a regular routine, I mentioned a couple ideas in my "workout without workouts" post.

Anyway, this post boils down to a promo for the "Power Tower." This station provides all the essentials: a sturdy pull-up bar, push-up bars, a dip stand, and allows for leg lifts to work your abdominal region. The only area the Power Tower doesn't focus on, is the legs. Just being mobile, walking, running, doing a few squats, and overall just being active, should take care of that. Personally, I've never understood why anyone would want massive, overly muscular legs. Sure, you may be able to squat your house or be able to pull a semi-truck, but really, all it does is slow you down. I want to be quick, not sluggish, but everybody has their own unique idea of how they see or want things. I'm just saying, the Power Tower will not provide you with leg exercises, but it totally prevails in upper body fitness.

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