Saturday, October 30, 2010

Increase Seminal Fluid - Enhance Ejaculation

This is a topic that is often pondered about by many men, but not often talked about. Hey, look at it as seminal emancipation, if it makes you feel more professional. Ha-ha! However, this subject will not be very important to some, as others mainly just care about their sexual performance and erectile function. But I must say, you might be surprised by the amount of women who would also love it if you could enhance your ejaculation and/or increase the volume of those joy juices (a.k.a. seminal fluid).

Well, lets head on into the matter at hand, before I decide to get poetic or creative and start rambling about it - in an aimless fashion......

Look out for scams! There are pills galore claiming to increase your ejaculate, so don't waste your money on miracle tablets - unless you know that some of the ingredients within the pills are proven and effective. As this blog progresses, you'll quickly learn that I'm not very big into the drug industry or non-natural methods - no matter what it is.

"Tried & True," the delay method works quite well. Of course the longer you can maintain an erection or have sex, the more seminal fluid you'll most likely generate. The delay method is where you stop during sex, just before you're about to orgasm, then restart after the urge to ejaculate, is no longer there. After doing this several times, even if it's all throughout the day or over a period of 2 days, you'll find that when you do decide to release, it will typically be significantly more. Now, if you're having stamina issues along with staying power, this may not work well for you until you fix your other erectile problems.

The old "save it for days" method is actually a load of baloney. After 2 or 3 days, you are usually peaked as far as normal production or storage is concerned, and the excess is reabsorbed into your body. I hate the "save it" theory for several reasons. For one, what sexually active person wants to go that long? Secondly, for the ones who think or believe you'll spray like a geyser if you wait an extremely long time, it simply isn't true - nor would it be due to the time period after 2 or 3 days. If you have an enhanced ejaculation, it is most likely due to some other factors, not because you went a month without ejaculating (ouch!).

Nutrition helps, especially if you eat the right foods. You don't have to be overly hydrated or anything like that, but getting the right protein and minerals can go a long way.
Foods like peanuts, seeds, and legumes, seem to work best for me.
People claim "Horny Goat Weed" helps, but I have no proof of this. I do recommend taking Ginseng, however.

PC exercises (Kegel Exercises) can help you have a more powerful fluid release from your penile structure and prevent premature ejaculation - if they are performed for a couple of weeks. Strengthening your PC muscles, a.k.a. pubococcygeus muscle, can never hurt and is good for sexual health.

One simple fact is, some people just produce more semen while others produce less, so don't get too discouraged if you're having problems hosing down your partner. The quantity of your seminal fluid doesn't seem to really have that much of an impact on pregnancy, since it only takes a microscopic amount of sperm to achieve that goal, and no matter what, more focus probably needs to be focused on sexual performance first - when comparing to finding ways to increase your seminal production.

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