Sunday, December 28, 2014

Table Sugar vs. High Fructose Corn Syrup

I was just reading an elaborate page about some ongoing legal battle that involves the basic sugar (stuff like cane sugar, beet sugar, etc.) companies taking on what they calling "false claims" by the corn syrup companies. I usually just call the basic white stuff "table sugar," so that is what I mean when referring to such. I don't know much about high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) other than it has a bad reputation and that it is altered by man and it's nowhere near as "natural" as they claim it is. If you'd rather read about this long drawn-out legal battle, go here:

On this post, I provided a chart that shows the decline of table sugar and the rise in high fructose corn syrup, over the last several years. The most healthy sweetener (in my opinion) is honey, and it has basically remained the same down through the years, going by the data in the chart. I'm assuming the main reason for the corn syrup additives, is to cut the cost. Whether it has more negative health effects than common table sugar, is something I wouldn't argue about, but I'm pretty sure it isn't any better!

I have heard of some companies illegally using corn syrup in certain types of honey products so they could make more profit. However, if you have ever had real honey, it should be easy to distinguish between the real and the tainted. But the bottom line, to me, is that the more uproar and court battles they go through, the elevated public awareness should help decide who the real winner is in the long run. With more manufacturing companies replacing high fructose corn syrup with natural sugars, and more people avoiding products with corn syrup in it, table sugar may ultimately come back out on top.

I think the matter is relatively simple, though, since a diet high in simple sugars is generally not a good idea. The best sugars to consume are from fruits, honey, and the small amounts in most vegetables. Cakes, pies and twinkies do not grow from the ground, regardless of who wins the Sugar vs. Corn Syrup battle.
In a thumbnail:  Use some common sense, people!

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