Sunday, December 28, 2014

Grapefruit is not good for Detox or certain Medications

First of all, I'm about as omnivorous as they come, and I can seemingly eat and enjoy almost any food, drink, etc. I've never been a picky eater and I'm lucky that I wasn't born with the fat gene or whatever they call it now. Anyway, I hate grapefruit. I can't stand the stuff. If I'm asked about what types of food I like to eat, I normally tell them that they are better off asking me about what kind of foods I don't like, as the list will be much shorter. Yeah, grapefruit and perhaps a couple more things out of everything I've tried so far! So, the point is, I have a chance to insult grapefruit and I'm going to take it; ha-ha!

Grapefruit, unlike some people may claim, is terrible for a detox and is not even recommended at all, if you take certain types of medication. In fact, I've heard of people dying from such things, only to find out later (not the ones that died, of course) that it was the grapefruit's fault. There are many resources for this, so I don't really even know where to start.

Don't get me wrong, grapefruit is normally considered to be a healthy fruit, but not for certain circumstances and/or individuals. Personally, I'm glad that I hate the stuff because I enjoy my beers too much and we all know how alcohol can keep a liver busy. Anyway, according to Ann Louise Gittleman in "The Fast Track Detox Diet," grapefruit actually interferes with liver detoxification (both phase I and phase II). This freaky fruit inhibits the function of one of the liver's most important enzymes, which is CYP3A4. A quote from a health website states: "Grapefruit juice decreases the metabolism of many drugs, allowing more of the drug to be absorbed. Therefore, substantially higher levels of pharmaceutical drugs may show up in the bloodstream than if grapefruit had not been consumed. This also puts increased strain on the liver during a detox, as grapefruit can enable toxins to be more readily metabolized, similar to drugs." You can read more about that, here:

At any citrus rate, I feel better now that I have insulted this fruit that I absolutely detest; LOL!

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