Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Popular Posts of 2012

I haven't updated this blog very much lately, although I still have a few posts that I meant to write on here a few months ago, but I either don't make the time or I'm busy writing on other websites, blogs and community writer sites, etc.

So, I figured I'd do a quick blog entry over the 5 most popular posts this blog has had during 2012.  It is really hard to narrow it down to 5, as it varies from month to month, but I'll give it a shot...

Fight Arthritis & Inflammation - Black Cherry Extract - Out of all the posts on this health & physical fitness blog, this is probably the most popular.  Many folks are curious about this black cherry supplement and, of course, many people are trying to combat their arthritis and inflammation issues, as well.

Natural ways to help fight symptoms of alcohol withdrawal... - This is another popular post on here, as many ex-alcoholics seem to be out there looking for natural ways to deal with their withdrawal symptoms of alcohol, instead of depending on drugs, which is always good to hear.

Weight Gainers & Protein Shakes - Since this particular blog entry has had so many spam comments (that I had to delete) over the months, I placed it on the list of most popular for 2012, even though, to me, it doesn't seem like a very hot topic.

Picking out the right Heavy bag / Speed bag Stand - I was pleased to see that a lot of individuals are still interested in "reading" about these things.  It really is important to pick out the right speed bag or heavy bag stand that is best suited for you and the area you are placing it.  Now, if I could just sell more of these dang things!

3 basic ways to use Hand Grippers - This is one post that I was somewhat surprised to get as much traffic as it has.  It seemed to be somewhat elementary to me, but evidently there are many folks out there who are curious about different ways to use hand grips.

Dang, I've already listed 5 popular posts...  There are many more that could have made the list, but I had to stop somewhere.  In the future, maybe I'll have time to write more health-related content on this Health & Fitness Blog.  In the mean time, enjoy the rest of the year; cheers!

---End of Post "Popular Posts of 2012"

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