Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Suffering from Common Ear Problems?

Thus far, this blog has covered several topics related to physical fitness, supplements, vitamins & herbs and healthier ways of living, along with many other health-related subjects. However, there has been no mention of ear health or common ear-related problems, as of yet. I thought of this subject the other day, after viewing some traffic stats for a website of mine. It is a site that covers many topics, and is just plain random. Anyway, that's besides the point... What I've noticed over the last several months while viewing traffic stats, is that there are way more people out there suffering with ear problems than I once thought. I currently only have two pages out of my entire site that is related to this topic, but they get hit quite often and with random search queries, keywords or whatever. In a moment, since this health blog has no posts in that area of health, I'll drop down the links for those who may be suffering and/or searching about certain types of ear problems.

It seems like some of the most common ear ailments that I've read about, are the following: ringing of the ears (tinnitus) and frequent problems with ear wax, which can lead to a lot of other symptoms or stem from ear infections and so on.

The problem that I notice a lot with tinnitus, besides the ones suffering with lifelong ear ringing and the misery it must cause in severe cases, is all the scams out there that claim to be a miracle cure for this seemingly common ailment. Man, this junk is almost as bad as the "Male Enhancement" promotions. If you're suffering from tinnitus that is due to ear damage (especially from the excessive exposure to loud noise), there hasn't been a medical cure for it that I'm aware of, yet there are these "cure tinnitus" pills all over the place claiming to do that very same thing (cure tinnitus). I think a lot of people who are actually thinking of buying some of these baloney products with fictitious claims, might need to read a quick blog post that warns about the possible scams out there. You can find it here: "Tinnitus Scams - Be leery..."

Next in line, is for all the ones who have problems with plugged ear wax. Although the body produces it for a reason, some folks have this gooey junk so bad, that they literally end up with temporary hearing loss. This stuff isn't funny, either. You should try walking around with one functioning ear while the other feels like it has water in it. I will say, it has happened to me before, and it just ruined everything because no matter what I was doing, I just didn't feel like myself. In that sense, I would at least classify it as "temporary suffering," to say the least. The following link will provide you with some information that will hopefully help the ones who end up with mild to moderate cases of plugged ear wax and need to find a way to loosen it. This is what worked for me, but I'm not a doctor so if in doubt, use your own discretion and/or go see a professional who specializes in this field. Anyway, you can find the link here: "How to help loosen & remove plugged ear wax."

While doing a quick image search, I found this ear picture. I must say, some people have other alternative outlooks when it comes to common ear problems. By looking at the image below, it appears that having a "naked ear" would be a problem... Now that's what I call a styling set of ornamental ears! I take that back... Perhaps they are suffering from something else? Ha-ha! Cheers!

[ Image Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Modified_Ear.jpg ]

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