Friday, April 29, 2011

3 basic ways to use Hand Grippers...

As I mentioned before on the "methods for building powerful forearms" post, the use of hand grippers is an excellent way to improve hand & forearm strength. Besides the fact that they are great for stress relief, if you buy the right kind of grippers, you can develop crushing, bone-breaking grip power in a relatively short period of time. However, when I say "the right kind of grippers," I'm not talking about the cheap pairs you often find in the sporting good section of common retailers.

Most hand grippers on the market are, for the most part, only good for stress relief and at best, you may encounter a slight increase in grip strength if used excessively. If you're serious about gaining grip power and building powerful-looking forearms, I recommend "Captains of Crush." If you'd like to read more about those particular grippers and are also possibly interested in ordering these high-quality hand grips, visit the blog page "Build Forearm & Hand Strength - Captains of Crush."

Anyway, the 3 basic ways to use hand grippers are:

1) the standard grip motion that involves squeezing the gripper until it totally closes, then quickly release the hand grip, and then squeeze again; repeat process until the desired amount of reps are met.

2) involves the upside down grip; you'll perform the same action as described in method #1, but it will work the forearm somewhat differently since the points of pressure will be different. Fluctuating between the standard grip and the upside grip will give you a more complete lower arm workout.

3) is what I call the "squeeze & hold method" and it is an excellent way to finish off a hand & forearm workout. You simply squeeze the gripper shut with a firm grip, then hold the gripper closed for as long as you can. You can also use the very similar "hold & release method" if you desire, which is basically the same concept except you will hold the gripper closed for a preselected amount of time before releasing it, then continue to repeat the process until the desired amount of reps.

Although I have already gave a link to what I consider to be the best hand grippers on the market (Captains of Crush), if you'd like to browse through a large selection of hand strengthening devices and grippers, click the image below:

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