Monday, January 10, 2011

Workout without "Workouts"

Yeah, now that sounds like an odd statement, but what I mean by "workout without workouts" is rather simple. This is about fitting in miniature bouts of exertions that are spread out into a regular routine within each day, 5 days a week, and it will never seem like you're actually "working out." Based on a 5-day plan: Say, do a certain amount of push-ups in the morning, a small amount of pull-ups at noon, a few sit-ups right before bed. The next day, do a few dumbbell curls in the morning, a set of squats at noon, and a few push-ups right before bed, and so on...

It all adds up, and you'd be surprised at the results that will occur over time. Now, if you're seeking big gains in muscle mass, this will not be effective. I'm talking about the average Joe who is wanting to stay in shape or maybe tone up a bit, get a little stronger, improve overall circulatory health and/or become a little more physically fit, without ever having to endure long "workouts" or feel like they need to have regular, long, grueling exercise sessions, and whatnot.

Now, be creative and remember, you're doing this throughout the day and periodically through the week, so don't get locked in on any particular exercise or you will break the routine and you may end up losing interest and just drop the whole concept all together. See, this method really works well for the ones who get bored easily with long workouts and lose motivation half-way during training. If you can stick through this easy-to-do "workout without workouts" method, you'll be doing this stuff during the day like it is a habit. For once, a habit that is easy to acquire that isn't bad for you!

Supplies: Okay, you may already have a lot of physical fitness gear and equipment or you may not. Either way, you won't need a whole lot of anything. If you don't have room for a weight set or free weights, that is no big deal. However, you may need to purchase a pull-up bar, push-up bars (optional - you don't really have to have them), dumbbells, a dual Ab Wheel (also optional, but it is an old, effective method for working the abs) and hand grips, along with a few other circuit training items that are not bulky and are easily used without setup time or tension adjustments. Think "on the go" when you apply this method, and you'll start to get the knack of this in no time at all. Personally, I strongly recommend the Power Tower, since it will provide you with a station to do your pull-ups, push-ups, dips, and leg lifts (for lower abs) all in one stand! I'll provide the link to the Power Tower, in just a moment.

I'm not going to tell you how you should or shouldn't do this, and everybody has a different tempo and lifestyle, so if you decide to regularly workout without workouts, adjust accordingly to your demand and goal. What I will do, is provide a few shopping links below, in case you know for sure that you may at least need to purchase a few items before you start this easy method of training.

---> 'Click Here' for the Perfect Pull-Up and Perfect Push-Up Bars

---> 'Click Here' for the Power Tower (pull-ups, dips, push-ups, leg lifts, all in one)
---End of Post "Workout without Workouts"

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