Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How much can you curl, not hurl?

On certain occasions and every now and then, I run across a flaming fool who doesn't even know how to execute arm curls and/or even know how much weight they can truly curl, but yet they often claim to be a physical fitness guru at the same time. Oh, man... Have you ever heard of something called "form" or perhaps the little phrase that says "don't cheat yourself?"

I ask, how much can you curl, not hurl - for very obvious reasons. See..., many folks, especially the newbies, only think about the amount of weight that is on the bar, when doing straight curls in the stand-up position. By the way, unlike any other type of curl, the stand-up position with a single bar with weights for the curl exercise, opens more opportunities to cheat than a brothel or bordello in a big city on a Friday freakin' night.

Anyway, I really hate it when somebody brags about how they can "curl" an x-amount of weight when they really only "hurl" the weight upon them, using their back, hips, etc., and/or anything but their biceps & forearms - just to achieve the status of "I curled this and that amount." When in fact, they are usually weak as hell, and just blowing hot air with ignorance... WTF is wrong with these people?

It is also especially funny, when the same folks are contested to prove their strength on an incline slant, using only their arms to raise the weight, or when they are challenged at performing dumbbell curls in the sitting position using nothing else on their body but their arms, and they fail miserably. LOL!

The point is really simple here, and many people know exactly what I'm talking about whether you are either professional weight lifters or knowledgeable physical fitness amateurs or just have plain common sense, and that is: Never cheat on an exercise, no matter what it is; if you can't lift the amount of weight on the bar, etc., never compensate by altering your form by hurling the weight in an awkward fashion, bending improperly, or using other body parts that are not normally required for the exercise, and so on.

I hate to say it, but some people out there really need to get their face smashed into a big pile of dog shit before they'll ever understand, but nevertheless, quit fucking cheating yourself and be honest in what you are able to lift. Besides, if you continue to cheat yourself and take shortcuts - such as poor form, you may end up injuring yourself later on. Man up, and start from ground zero. Besides, since when has lying to yourself ever amounted to anything good? On a change of subject, but yet still related, check out the image below... Ha-ha!

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