Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This blog will contain random subjects that will mostly relate to health & fitness. Of course, health is a broad niche ranging anywhere from medical science, sexual performance, the health benefits of certain types of foods, supplements, herbs, along with natural remedies, physical fitness, and so on (too many topics to list). There will also be a variety of product reviews, tips & advice, interesting subjects - perhaps some that may end up off topic, as well. Overall, I'll try to stay germane to the theme at hand, but you know how that goes......

It will probably be a while before I start adding content at a more frequent rate, since I'm currently involved in other projects at the moment. But when I return to this blog, I hope to add informative (or at least semi-interesting/helpful) articles on a regular basis.

Anyway, cheers for now!

---End of Introduction

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